BACKUP folder on the C drive is the right place. If this folder does not, it will be created. This local archive. Number of stored copies is determined only by the capacity of your hard drive. For example 15 copies. The second copy, for which everything was meant to be kept on a free file hosting. Put a tick 'Send to FTP' and choose from the dropdown menu FILEHOSTER.RU.

As you can see, there are no conditions on the number of stored copies. It all depends on your host. FILEHOSTER stores files a month. Enough. If the stolen computer, burn office or the tsunami washed away entire city, you can always download the latest copy of your documents by connecting to the Internet from the surviving machine. Most importantly, remember the username and password under which registered on the site! By button 'Next' move to the fourth tab Figure 6. Bookmark 'archive name' on this tab must specify the name of our archives. Offered template% comp%-te% -% time%, we get the computer name, current date and time.

Such a long name to quickly distinguish a backup of the other. Immediately turn on the protection of the archive password. Next, turn on the incremental mode for 30 days with cycles 5 launches. That is, a complete copy of (for example, all documents Word) and four incremental backups (documents Word, or by changed over the last 30 days). We remind you that a complete copy and can not get to file sharing, if its amount exceeds the amount specified in the settings of FTP-host.