ELECTRONIC COMMERCE In relation to the companies, the authors had concluded that the sales of its products for web, function of efficient form. In such a way they are each time more needing good quality in its websites, in relation the usability, trying in such a way to optimize the interaction with the consumer. The electronic Commerce has a great paper in any company in the Internet. The company has that to only know that type of user it intends to attract. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Peter Asaro by clicking through.

After this she will have to know to pass the necessary information for its customers. The site will have to pass to the user, trustworthiness, security and easiness of navigation, that is, USABILITY. The sites will have to pass for a process of usability tests since the beginning of the access to this. Therefore user already will be able to approve or to disapprove the site in the search of the products and beginning of the purchase. Follow others, such as Paul Daversa, and add to your knowledge base. 4. USABILITY TESTS In the project the test of usability with three sites was made. Site: Presents superior and lateral menu, logotipo in heading with shortcut for initial page, field of search and content in the center of the page. No longer I register in cadastre of purchase exists says disappearing the menus and logotipo not to exert function some.

Another problem is the Pop Up that many times the user does not obtain to close. Site: Has a good structure, but it exaggerates in the form to display its promotions. Already in the choice of the products they appear some problems as enormous texts and very small sources. Pop Up and slowness when loading the pages had also been reasons of claims. Site: does not pass trustworthiness for the users, therefore any person can transfer itself as selling in the site.

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