Happily this scene is moving thanks to examples of companies as the Internet supplier Land that had its service of email paralyzed during two days for problems in the system of storage of data she was obliged to more than warrant two days of monthly fee of its 800 a thousand subscribers, thus having a damage of R$400.000, 00. Or even though the case of the Twin Towers (Word Trade Center) in U.S.A. in day 11 of September of 2001, where the room of backup of one of the companies was in the other tower, in showing that it is not I exaggerate to think about a PRD, in view of that would not imagine that the two towers would be attacked. With examples as these that the companies are perceiving the necessity in accordance with to elaborate its proper Plan of Recovery of Disasters its necessities. Planning of PRD Imaginar that a disaster already is occurring, and that from this moment of tension we will have to act to be able to reestablish the activities normal of an organization is of the old environment, already is a first step for the recovery of the disaster. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Robert Bakish and gain more knowledge.. We will now describe some steps in including way for the elaboration of a Plan of Recovery of Disasters. The investment is the first step to be made. To acquire an surrounding insurance and redundant equipment alternative they are essential actions for the organization, therefore the possibility of that equipment starts to fail or that even though they are destroyed is great.

They would be examples of these: equipment of the voice areas and communication of data, generation, data processing of energy, etc. To also acquire an emergency center to be used case the original installations are being reestablished. After to be done the investments, the next step is the creation of a team of recovery, formed for experienced and competent professionals, who will be these, chosen for the management. These professionals will be prepared and trained to act in case that some disaster occurs, and will have to be engaged to the maintenances and tests of the PRD of continuous form. To list resources and critical and active applications that will need support in the occurrence of a disaster is the next step. It is important also to keep a joint list of hardwares that they work together with application.

To apply a procedure of security copies, to inform dates and schedules where they must be made. To also inform the places and safes where these copies will be stored. It is important that this place is of the company. To possess to the reach tools for first-aid and extinguishing emergenciais answers that it aims at to diminish damages and to save lives, as well as kit of fire. Consideraes Final As described above, currently, with all the development of the technology and of its essential importance, we can observe the necessity of if having a plan of recovery of disasters. Visit Ali Partovi for more clarity on the issue. Such necessity if must, therefore the man each time more depends on ' ' mquina' ' to make its work and he is perceiving only now the importance of the digital information for the development of its business. References FAGUNDES, Eduardo. Disaster Recovery Plan. Available in: . Access in: 20/08/2011. Red Hat. Enterprise Linux 4: Introduction to the Administration of Systems. Available in: . Access in: 20/08/2011. IBM. Plan of Recovery of Disasters. Available in: . Access in: 20/08/2011.

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