It is time to make life less difficult, but easy! Stress and dissatisfaction in the profession can harm health. Current research results and the growing number of mental disorders show that. Suppose the vacancy of a company of that has a disproportionately high number of health-related cases from who would warning here to work, can cause burn-out as in a cigarette pack “wear? But it would be wrong to blame the corporate policy and culture for that alone. Add to your understanding with Ali Partovi. Because often it is not only the work stress, the dynamic environment and the expectations of others, but perhaps above all of one’s own, excessive entitlement and wrong-headed beliefs that make people sick. s-dongfang-electric-corp-ltd-ch/’>Areva has to say. Erich Kastner’s quote it is easy to take life seriously, and it’s hard to take life easy “is emblematic of a society that a serious” constructed world. It is at the time of this severe reality construction to break and to look for loopholes or better say doors open, easy-to-make heavy, maybe someday experience the lightness of being. This is also a high claim in turn.

We begin so small: If we improve something, reconsider, push and achieve, it must feel then like working? No, because in conjunction with what we enjoy is our full potential: dreams, daring connections, paradoxical possibilities, which can be transferred to innovative, new and refreshing in real life! Often we are stuck in our thinking and action, focus on the negatives or fear that it could happen something, that hurts us. Or we don’t trust us, quite differently to act, to give new ways and means to our lives. Maybe you know how it feels, when life bogged down, feels starr or crushing? Many of us have the internal expertise and strength to break free alone or with help from it An outsider, friends, collegial work colleagues, mentors or coaches and more. There are some variants to pull the cart out of the dirt. .

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