The size of the dog; The size of your dog is an important consideration. A small finely quilted bed would be appropriate for dogs of toy Chihuahuas and Shih Tzus. In comparison, the doberman and Huskies would need large beds, where can stretch comfortably. Whatever the size of your dog, choose a dog that is slightly larger than the bed. This left room for growth, especially for puppies, and leave room for movement. 4. You may wash be sure that the dog bed is made of removable and washable materials. Definitely you will get dirty and bad smell, so it is important that you can wash easily at any time.

Also make sure that the material is appropriate for the dog’s skin. 5. Obtain Cedar look for a bed that is filled with cedar: Cedar repels fleas. Cedar will make that your sea pet happier and with less stress. Make sure that you do not have an allergy to Cedar.

6. Location, location, location where you are going to put the dog bed? This is also an important consideration when choosing a bed so you can choose the appropriate material. Some dogs beds are more appropriate in some places as in the bedroom or the lounge instead of outdoor. The climate and the local time are important factors to consider also. Choose a bed of dog that will provide heat in winter and cool air in the summer is well ventilated. 7. Quality durability is also essential. The dog bed should be able to resist the inclination of the dog for chewing, as well as sharp claws. As we all know the majority of dogs are dirty, choose a cover that is washable and made from durable fabric dog bed. Also consider the color and style of the dog bed. It is possible to that your dog bed combined with the walls and furniture. You should know that there are beds for dogs that can accommodate a variety of special needs of your dog. Beds for dogs with heating and orthopedic foam beds are available and are excellent choices for old and arthritic dogs. Your dog will appreciate your own bed in your small space. The health and welfare of your dog will depend on not only the diet or exercise, but also in the amount of comfortable sleep and relaxation that has.

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