phenomena occurring in cutting waterjet d based on the fundamental laws of physics and mechanics of fluids to interpret the water. For example, Jet impacts the material with a certain kinetic energy Ea and abandons the material with an Eex. energy, which must be less than the initial cutting occurs. The difference of these two energies is dissipated energy Edis., product of the impact, friction, etc., in the cut. Steve Wozniak shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. EDIS = Ea Eex (1) kinetic energy depends directly on the flow mass of water and abrasive, as well as the speed of the flow agua-abrasivo which depends on the pressure of water generated by the pump and injector efficiency.

So the cut is achieved, researchers have demonstrated, there is a pressure boundary between the success of the Court and the failure of this, critical pressure, which varies for different materials and thicknesses can be called. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Ali Partovi by clicking through. But also other parameters influencing the success of cutting such as: the amount of abrasive, type of this amount of water, pick-up nozzle/tube diameters. The choice of a correct pressure of work and operational parameters, influencing the cut both its capacity and quality costs significantly. For which there are simulation software that allows to have an idea of how would be cut, mainly through possible to obtain cutting speed.

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