During the recent years the popularity of vibration platforms training has grown exponentially, so much that we have gone from models used exclusively for physiotherapists and gym at home with great potential and benefits updates how to develop strength and power, to lose weight, for flexibility and improve our health among others. Commercial options that we can use at home vary from 200 euros to several thousand for most professional editions. Many of the differences in the cost are in general due to the brand and design although we can also say that there are other factors such as accessories, in particular the quality of materials and durability, reduction of noise, colours and fashionable design. All this, quality of materials is the most important thing. What matters is that you can benefit from the training.So when choosing a platform considers these factors: parameters. Besides the type and duration of the exercise conducted, the intensity of the vibrational training depends on the frequency of vibration (the number of oscillations per second, measured in Hertz, Hz) and the amplitude of the oscillatory wave (mm, cm) wider than these parameters, better stimuli from the platform. The range of vibration varies from platform to platform but in general oscillates between 15 hz to 60 hz.

Something typical can be a 15-30 hz range for example. In terms of the amplitude an estimate is between 0, 5 mm to 12 mm depending on the machine. When to choose one these data will be especially useful for getting you maximum advantage to your platform. Keep in mind that to wider ranges, more training options will get that platform. Pallets dimensions come in variety of sizes, but what really matters is the size, or rather the platform surface.

Check out this area is large enough to perform the type of exercises you need.These two are in my opinion the fundamental points. Clear that there is much more to say about vibrating platforms as the type of vibration, the possibility of using programs pre programmed, medical certifications and even extras such as programs for the computer, super consoles, elastic and other bands. Anyway, I hope this small guide has given you the information you need to choose your machine. Any which are your needs it is highly probable that there is a vibrating platform that fits them.

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