I only I was wrong once; It was when I thought that I was wrong. Anonymous introduction is concerned seriously, determine as increasingly are going on the country to others that give you the opportunity to use his skills, where a significant number of Venezuelan professionals of different disciplines, to affect that decision, no doubt to the current Government that requires his training, which was provided to them and where the State has borneinvested capital, so they train, forming in the bosom of the different public universities that the country has. Such fact, reality, must be taken seriously by the Government of President Hugo Chavez Frias, especially for its purpose of instituting so-called socialism of the 21st century, because every time it requires professionals who contribute their knowledge to a turbulent scenario that faced, where in addition, uncertainty, risk, needs of capable professionals collaborate in the transformations, changes required to give way to plans, actions that the Government has defined pursuit of their goals. Overview, considerations, scope. It is known, that the brain drain, Venezuelan professionals began in 1983 with the so-called Black Friday, and since then, the phenomenon is gaining ground with the passage of time.Insecurity, economic crisis and political instability in which the Venezuelan nation finds itself encourage the brain drain, relatively new trend in our country since, on the contrary, Venezuela was always a receiver of immigration. In the Decade of 50 Italian immigrants, Spaniards and Portuguese settled in national territory and in the 70s and 80 arrived crowds from various parts of Latin America, especially Chile, Colombian, Peruvian. Each year is observed as they are leaving the country, professionals not only with a time in favor of do graduates, but the recently, taking advantage of the offer that will provide developed countries, those requiring talents in different professions that help you get ahead, as in the case of Australia specifically, who offers great opportunities to the professional Venezuelans, providing assistance to emigrate and work in it is country that is emerging rapidly. .

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