Today more than ever humanity is subjected to a diet that keeps us alive, but which does not nourishes us, as it was in past decades. Due to the advanced industrialization as well as new processes and fertilization techniques today we get very few nutrients from the food we take. Therefore we can not produce enough chemical substances found in foods and that contribute to health, when we eat something, something wonderful happens inside of us, because it gives start to the generation of chemicals from the outside of the cells, which they need to perform their vital functions. We call them these: NUTRIENTS, which are essential for normal cell function. These chemicals fed cells giving them energy and substances necessary for living and successfully divided. More info: Byron Trott.

According to some work of consultation so far we know that we need daily 114 different and basic nutrients. Therefore we will not obtain healthy cells, and even if there are some nutrients obtained from the foods you eat, if you will be missing some of the 114, we do not get a successful division, causing cellular damage reflected in degenerative diseases. Which do not see that they arise from the overnight but that the symptoms are worse with time. But where will we obtain all the nutrients? Although eating fruits and vegetables is something healthy, research of live cultures have given to know that in the fruits and vegetables we eat now, there are still residues of fertilizers and pesticides that are harmful to our health. Because to eat them they create radical free. Especially if the latter are combined with fatty foods. It is difficult that someone can ensure that your power today day is balanced, so it is necessary to supplement our diet with vitamins and minerals as well as antioxidants. The company with more recognition in this category is USANA Health SCIENCES, demonstrated by external analysis laboratories external to itself.

Demonstrating its effectiveness well above energy products on the market. That is much more benefit, for your money. Through much research, USANA has created a line of products that contribute to good health. Thus creating products that intervene from outside the cell, this to perform its vital functions of optimized and orderly manner, giving what we can not obtain food. Note: Need you and your family to prevent difficulties in the future, why is necessary to act now. If you want more information or have any questions, please give us your details to the following e-mail address: and a representative of USANA will visit you to the comfort of your home in the shortest possible time and will tell you more about how you can get better health today, and in the time of old age still retain good vitality.

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