Let us not forget, says Hector Lerma Jasso, a well-known poet wrote: Who is not happy in his job, is not the eminent. Referred to the work of the College Professor, the craft comes to be a professional occupation, made with science and technique, talent and enthusiasm, manages to give this artificial institution which is the University, its maximum human and cultural value and its firmer contact with reality. This craft is what converts or must be converted to the University in light of culture workshop and moral conscience of society. University among whose objectives are, according to Victor Savoy: transmission and discussion of knowledge more advanced in all fields; research oriented towards the increase of knowledge, without abandoning the possibility of immediate and practical results; and to prepare scientific and technically top-level professionals. Or, said by Ortega y Gasset: teach to be educated man; teach to be good professional, and a research center.

Like all ex officio, University Professor is the response to a call. Limiting ourselves to the natural order, can be understood by vocation that inner impulse that affects natural or culturally to an individual, towards the exercise of certain labor activity, which found a high degree of personal satisfaction. Spirit of effective service and personal satisfaction in that service are, therefore, the main features of the vocation. Remember, Lerma, he says that the teacher communicates knowledge and helps to assimilate it, has a great responsibility and, in many cases, students come to see the teacher as a safe guide in the University, the profession and life. Why the teacher need character, prestige and authority. Not it usurps the authority. This emanates from the influence exerted by his personality.

The true authority of Professor consists, rather, in the ascendant, respect and affection of a few students who see how surrenders to its work; that you feel understood; that never hurts and always encouraged; It punishes without offending; It is fair, because it gives to each what belongs; that your surroundings there is work, learning, tranquility and good humor. This can only be the faithful reflection of a rich and harmonious inner life. Finally, let’s take note that Jaspers CITES us, is assigned to Professor the Mission of arouse and stimulate the student to awaken the consciousness of your own responsibility in the realization of itself. The student should arrive to take charge of their own training, with the help of others and through the proper use of their freedom. Your task is to pass from the in, mode there is irresponsible and impersonal, to ‘be for Yes’, who knows perform with conscience and freedom their own personality. We share, with Francisco Michavila, that the Professor taught classes, has define and develop targets teachers of their subjects, review didactic methodologies incorporating techniques and convenient resources, prepare the necessary materials, develop assessment methods that stimulate active teaching, establish useful programs of virtual and face-to-face tutorials, update and sort the contents in an optimal manner, and so on. For the renewal of the educational methodology is feasible, it is essential educational tasks are characterized by the existence of greater interaction between teachers and pupils, greater use of new technological resources and greater cooperation between teachers, to the systematic incorporation of interdisciplinary teaching teams. original author and source of the article.

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