METHOD DR. BARZEL real estate online to evaluate unconventional ideas and perspectives that promote start-ups or new developments by companies in the real estate industry, is the aim of a new group on the network-based platform XING. The group is named after Dr. Barzel method. and informed with what concept the danger, as entrepreneurs or self-employed person to fail, can be reduced. There are enough reasons for unconventional ideas.

Only a few independent existences or companies reach the fifth year. Many founders give up after a few months. Only a low single digit percentage survived the tenth year as a thriving company. Risikolosere founding creative and unconventional thoughts to create space for new ideas and reach also people, who felt the entrepreneurial so far do not belong. To make risk-free starting a business requires a thoughtful, creative and unconventional approach. Unconventional The first step is steps to realize that a good business concept is more important than capital. The second step involves practiced labor, which relieves the founder and saved him from overwork. The third step illustrates the advantages to put together a company of professional, external components.

Of labor right from the very beginning and focus create the conditions to form a company of components. Advantages of such establishment are professionally, with less private work, as well as lower-risk companies beginning to make. If the company grows as a company grows, a concept thought to end, a clear division of labour and work with finished, existing on the market professional components, as appropriate, to avoid problems caused by growth prove to be. Turnkey businesses as a further step, can be from the recognition of the previous steps create a synthesis. A sum, the possibilities creates an online turnkey business, which requires only insert of the imprint, as well as the logos. With a turn-key company founder receives a fabric he can work with immediately. Where the work focuses on the actual business process. Not associated with the purpose of operating activities, such as business administration, human resources, process optimization, the purchase of goods, programming, collecting, and other tasks are assumed by the system. Relief of the entrepreneur so relieved, the entrepreneur may work on the twenty percent, which make up the majority of sales in most companies. Activities that do not directly serve the purpose of the operation, provided by external components Division. To start a private real estate company, creates the possibility of active social participation social participation. Every society needs initiatives for more business start-ups. His own company, E.g. for online Real estate valuation, to establish, is no longer an exception, but is implemented correctly, open many people. A turnkey solution can be a promising alternative to the conventional Foundation. Find more information at

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