How does the selection process for translation agencies, among which are then "played" an order? As a rule, representatives of companies-customers themselves to get in touch with a proposal to participate in the tender. However, consider, how, for example, the advertising office of the bank may obtain information about the quality of the work of a Translation. Only with the help of the ubiquitous Internet. Therefore, the main criterion for selection acts primarily information content and appearance of sites of potential participants. You can still talk about the situation in the region the reputation of a translation, but the company first tested this need, hardly aware of the relation forces among translation companies. So improve the site, ladies and gentlemen, this is your face. Yes, the list of regular customers and letters of recommendation are also a lot to say. How does the selection of the best singer? What tests is offered to participants? There are several options, they depend on the status of the organizing company and its ownership (public / private).

The first thing that potential customers look at the selection – the cost of services. Who would that say about the primacy of quality, the lower the proposed cost, the singer becomes more attractive in the eyes of the customer. Sometimes organizers can not hide a list of other participants, which allows us to estimate their chances and correct sentence. If the competitors and their number is unknown, the problem is slightly more complicated. But the main thing.

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