The article emphasizes the importance of traders have a Web presence through the publication of its portal. Cites three important factors to be considered when designing a portal. "2010 If your business has a Web page, you should have no business." Bill Gates with this famous saying, Bill Gates recently emphasized the importance of the Web has become for retailers in the first decade of the 21st century. Today, anyone searching the Internet thinks about a trade. The development of portable devices has also increased the population segment that connects to the network to keep in touch and seek information.

Taking as a starting point this social reality is that it expects a boom in web design. How complex is to design a portal?, Do I mention all the possible topics on the main theme of the portal? o Web page design involves much or as little information published? That depends on several factors associated with portal functionality. But what is a reality, demand is increasing and we need people to design web pages. Important factors Simplicity Web design is not necessary to complicate the portal interface, colors, or access to information. Nor is it necessary to use all program features editor, for example Dreamweaver, to make a 'better' portal. The quality of a portal is not measured by the amount of special effects in mind, nor the immensity of the information. It is the quality of design in terms of functional and aesthetic, as well as the quality of information provided, which will determine the quality of a portal.

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