The string theory or the wrong dimension Teodulo Lopez Melendez prefer to borrow a concept of physics, not psychiatry. Finally, after I have been always interested by the Organization of the universe, not mental diseases of man. About the man I thought with pretensions of amateur philosopher, while I’ve used the quantum in several of my literary texts. The string theory says that space we live has many dimensions, no longer the accepted four (three spatial and time), but many (perhaps 26), but that these extra dimensions are subatomic size. That is, we have a microscopic theory of gravity. The bricks that make up the world six are quarks and have curious names: up, down, charm, strange, bottom and top. A crazed military would add left flank. The most elementary concepts of geopolitics indicate that United States has no plans, nor will have, to invade Venezuela.

Secondly that for do not need the Colombian bases, given its military might, since it could meet that goal from aircraft carrier and helicopter carrier and with an airborne force. Thirdly, this would not be a long war where required provisioning bases or foreign air space for the movement of supplies, case Afghanistan. Fourthly, the tanks are unnecessary, given that United States would ever attack by land from Colombia. Then we move into another dimension. Leader belongs to one of the microscopic dimensions and each day is closer to a photon in the quarks called background.

The leader lives, then, in another dimension, one not abonnements for human eyes, except for that bright retired general who advises him to undergo all defence policy review before the start of the US invasion plans. I’ve said, I don’t want to talk about madness, paranoia, persecution complexes. I prefer to speak of a dimensional breach and I refuse to use expressions as a crazed Napoleoncito. This gentleman Zelaya is no longer if it was once – a constitutional President who seeks return to power to be five months more in him and thus fulfil its period.

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