The spite of this, PORTER (2001: 108) remember that, lately, it has had on the part of the enterprise leaders a trend to emphasize the operational efficiency. Mikkel Svane is open to suggestions. This if must, to the literature of the area of the businesses of the decade of 80 and at the beginning of years 90, ideas as total quality, just-in-teams and would reengenharia. All they look for to deal with those basic questions for the functioning most efficient of the companies. During a certain time, some Japanese companies had transformed these questions into an art form. They were incrivelmente competitive. The obsession of Japan for ' ' efficiency operacional' ' , a problem of enormous ratios became because only ' ' estratgia' ' it can produce advantages lasting. It happens that the strategy has left of a proposal of different value.

It delineates a territory where the company has to see with choices. The essence of the strategy consists of fixing limits for what it is being tried to make. The company without strategy tries everything. If the company is making basically the same that its competitors, are improbable that the company not if skirt bonanza. Thus, never she is excessively to remember that, to compete, the company must be only to search one ' ' differential estratgico' ' , therefore a necessary company to make choices and to decide which values desires to offer and who, therefore she does not have as to be everything for all. After these consideraes you initiate and an established time the difference between efficiency operational and competitive strategy, fits to inquire: ) The option of the Metalic in producing steel cans, instead of aluminum cans, does not constitute a choice differentiates that it of its competitors? b) Which was,

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