The siege if of essentially for the lack of respect, many times the origin of this perverse behavior is in the refusal to assume the guilt for the failure of the relationship, then it is more easy to blame and to denigrate the other. Types of action that the aggressor uses to desestabilizar the victim: – Ridiculariza public – it dirige more the word – denigre ahead of the others – Does not deprive the victim of all the possibilities to express itself, also to defend – It scoffs of its weak points (this is the tactics most used to manipulate and to desestabilizar) – Makes discrediting aluses its respect without never explicitar them (everything this to foment the doubt and unreliability in the victim) – Puts in doubt its capacity of evaluation and decision (with the objective to become the victim more dependent) – It tries to isolate the victim of the social conviviality so that this does not perceive the manipulation that it is suffering. Traces of the aggressor ' ' The art of the war, is the art to be deceptive, and keeping always a contrary appearance what it is really, the possibilities of vitria.&#039 are increased; ' (' ' The art of guerra' ' Sun tse) Nothing describes the aggressor so well as this stretch of the art of the war, we can say that it is about a wolf in lamb skin. Who practises the siege knows to mask its behavior so well that most of the time shows for the others an excellent image of itself same, being seen even though as a well adapted person socially, everything this still becomes more difficult it victim to prove this type of siege. The main characteristic of the aggressor, is the perversion of its acts, perversity implies in a strategy of use and destruction of the other.

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