The proposal existencialista is to know the recitals of the man, analyzing the questions that it places in guideline and that they disclose the structure of this be-knot-world. To exist is simply you to be affected for what it comes to its meeting, and the man alone exists while ' ' to be abertura' ' ' ' to be-com' ' , that one that if relates and is affected by the world, for the other men, beings and things. Thus, we see the human being from its relations and in the way as it is affected by them, as he deals with the phenomena. The appearance does not hide the essence of the man, it discloses but it. The psychologist existencial will not look for, therefore, something for backwards of what it is said, but will understand the proper one to say, the small manifestations as being in itself same, revealing of the citizen, searching to analyze the skill of its customer if to relate with the world and to establish bonds. Things that disclose its structure. This in such a way makes possible the clarification of its essence, as the process of constitution of this structure of being, its identity. At the moment of the meeting with the customer, it does not have judgment, nor values, a time that the theory will enter in as a moment (epoch).

It fits to the therapist to be present and available to this meeting, and fits to the customer to present what it has of important, evidencing what it must be worked. The paper of the existencial analyst is to follow this way, illuminating it and disclosing it. We, existenciais psychologists strengthen in them in finding the other where this another one is, searching to understand what it understands of the form as understands, so that it if recognizes and assumes the responsibilities of its choices and what continues choosing as its form of being, because the man is a free being, enabled the choices and to the delineation of its proper life. The man, yes, is free to choose, but this does not mean that its possibilities are limitless. The existencial field of the man discloses to limits related the cultural aspects, corporal conditions, historicidade and its ambincia, being that this set defines its possibilities of choice. But, no matter how hard our degrees of freedom are narrowed, we will always have a choice band and in it we will enjoy of the possibility to change our existence.

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