According to Commission agent, asua family more than commercializes the bovine meat the one hundred years, and in the fair deUmbaba, since the beginning of its foundation in 1954. Beyond commercializing to efornecer the product, he is a great employer, generating more than fifty empregosdireto and indirect, it abates since it until the sales in the market. (As opposed to altavista). Commission agent affirms that afeira this passing for a process of> reorganization, aiming at to improve aqualidade of the product and the organization of space. For it the fair of Umbaba uma of the most income-producing of the region center-south of the state 14. In the commerce of the fair, the products and suasdiversas are considered forms of if commercializing, as traditional or new, that implicamna practical of reduced prices, in function of its informal character, davulnerabilidade of the merchandises and the competition between the salesmen. Harris Blitzer Sports & Entertainment often says this. Bonanza in the day of the fair, the city increases ofertade available services; medical consultations, hairdresser, consertos in mquinase electronic equipment, mechnical works and others. In the fair of Umbaba it is possible to disclose a polissemia desociabilidades. Weekly, the central urban space of Umbaba is busy porinmeros social citizens, frequent that it to carry through its atividadeseconmicas, social and cultural.

In these spaces of the colloquies, the traditions of the meeting, the trespasses, of experiences, of the purchases, the eorais corporal performances, paqueras and exchanges, innumerable people effect the capitalist reproductions sociaise of the daily life. In this way, the fair if institutes, before detudo, in a space of commercial and social mobilities where, for way dasdiversificadas dynamic, you rise a net of social agent vivenciadaspelos sociabilities in the scope of the constructed territories. In accordance with Braudel, frequented in fixed days the fair um natural center of the social life. It is in it that the people if find, talk, if they insult, pass of threats to the lives in fact, is in it also quenascem some incidents.

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