Incidentally, in our time, cause an allergic reaction can be any substance: dust, insects, latex, household chemicals, animals, plants, food, medicines, cosmetics, even a cold and the sun's rays! There are cases where the husband was allergic to the dander of his wife and his wife – at her husband's sperm. Spouses had to leave. However, even if it could be removed from our lives all the known allergens, instantly appeared to others. At the beginning of last century, horses were the main source of problems for allergy sufferers. Now place Animals took the machine and become the main scourge of "industrial" allergens – for example, substances from air conditioners So simple method Suprastin – is not an option.

Anyone with allergies should be undergo examination and treatment to find out where danger and how to fight it. Our first assistant – allergist Yes, the best thing that can be done in such a situation, person – if there are any of the In their subsequent results will help your doctor properly find the right medicine to stop the development of this dangerous disease. What is an allergy? This is a reply to our body in contact with a foreign substance, which is characterized by disproportionate "violent" reaction to this substance. And this is a vigorous reaction due to histamine – he is in huge quantities released into the blood through contact with an allergen and causes vasodilation, reddening of the skin and other bright reaction. The more it will stand out in the blood, the greater will be allergy.

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