On many occasions, our rights as customers are totally limited, almost we have no right to complain. And there are many examples of companies or sectors which enjoy a dominant position on the consumer. The case is real I take my car to the dealer for a review. Park it in the right place, and I am the customer service desk. – Good morning. He brought the car to make the review of X thousand kilometers. I also wanted to look at this, this other thing, and that beyond.

– Okay. Wait, I take the budget. It will go two hundred euros, the budget is thirty euros. – How? Are you going to charge for the budget? – It is a service that we do not want to work for free … – Man, do not tell me …

Moreover, the budget had already taken the Internet, "I say-so please anuleme the budget bill. – Ah, who has taken the online budget, "he said with a smile on the counter. So sure that in your statement customer has a bank account number into, right? Then I inform you that you have been charged ten euros in your account. – Well, I can not believe. Give me the key, I'm leaving. – I'm afraid it is not possible, the car and we got into the workshop. Well, yes it's possible, but if you want it now bears would have to pay twenty dollars for the inconvenience. – This is incredible, "mumble.

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