This is the most important thing to remember. What used to be "acceptable" in the eyes of the robots of search engines was that the content of the page had nothing to do with keywords and metatags that his words were filled without any regard to the content. However, this practice of keyword stuffing is now something that does not go unnoticed and will face a penalty for using this technique. Yes, keywords are important, but it must also provide a solid text and information for visitors. So, what is the correct density of keywords? Of course, this leads to the question of how to determine what constitutes spam and what is considered an acceptable level of keywords in your text over and over again this is an issue that leads to debate amongst SEO experts, webmasters and editors content. More info: Robotics expert . The general belief was that the inclusion of a keyword within your text with a range from 5% to 10% was the most acceptable. Certainly, it would not sanction, and would clearly evident that the site and the keywords are relevant to each other. However, some believe that this figure can take up to 20% without negative effects of search engines.

To err on the side of caution. While these high densities of around 20% have not generated sanctions, it is increasingly likely to be considered that websites should be directed mainly towards visitors. The search engines and we want to display the sites that are created with the sole purpose of obtaining a high traffic, your goal is to show web sites that are geared to visitors. .

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