The prestige of a person or mark on the Internet now is at stake what digital reputation?Digital reputation is a reflection of the prestige or esteem of a person or brand on the Internet. Unlike the brand, which can be generated through advertising media, reputation is not under control, therefore, when people talk and contribute their views produced an identity and created reputation. This is especially important on the Internet, where it is very easy and inexpensive to pour information and opinions through mechanisms such as forums, blogs or social networks. User-generated content. Exist in the network is a necessity that determines the existence of brands and companies increasingly to digital environments. The impact of forums, blogs and conversational media have on the reputation of people, products and executives is too important.To achieve a solution to this type of impacts, SNS Marketing has just launched a new service that will provide its customers guarantees, security and prestige, under the name: ONLINE reputation. According to Ismael Varela, responsible for the service of Online reputation: moving toward Internet reputation, is the largest exhibition that get positive or negative statements about a particular case. So, what could soon become a reduced social environment (family, friends, or school), is now distributed in bulk and can reach large dimensions media.

How to work more effectively monitor statements about names and brands reputation digitalLa is his generation in a proactive manner: build own positive content of the business or service. How much more content to generate people and organizations, more difficult will result to a third party that their negative comments exceed in exposure to positive ones. It’s not give rise to that they can generate negative messages and generate positive perceptions towards people which we wish to transmit or sell something. Real-time Internet monitoring to be aware of potential attacks. And the future its importance It will be increasing. Everything changes when the 2.0 environment gives free access to view millions of consumers and users, a more perfect competition market, sit where the quality of the content, information and services will be rewarded by the customers and users. We thus entered the era of the power of the consumer. These are the ones who through Internet mentally generate a purchase decision or another through opinions about products and or certain services.

More social spaces will be created every time buy, comment, and generating networks of contact. It grows and viral marketing through the network will grow a positive opinion at frenetic pace, it will be worth an empire. A negative opinion, can make fall an empire. Or may not be is an online marketing company that, in these times of the market, about their web solutions to all companies and businesses that see the great opportunity for the future that is actually on the Internet. We want to help businesses to enter the network with all the guarantees, to use this medium as one more to market, distribute, capture, retain and monetize any action at affordable prices, said Ignacio Lafuente, director of the company. For more information: or may not be MarketingCalle Fernan Gonzalez, 4428009 MadridTel: about being or not being MarketingSer or not be Marketing Online is a company specialized in Internet that offers comprehensive online marketing services, optimizing your business.

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