Seniors today were born with phone and radio, then they saw appear TV, fax and microwave, but exceeded in a given moment technological developments and remained behind. Yet there are several people who are encouraged and are able to learn to surf the Internet and send and receive e-mails, and even more. Although initially not them simple to retain as much information or learn how to use tools such as the mouse, with time and patience they come ever closer to new technologies. In a technological world it is necessary that older adults learn to use the new devices to integrate into society and to facilitate their own lives. Know surfing the Internet allows them to access services at a distance, without having to move from their homes.

They can also communicate with relatives and friends who live outside of quick and inexpensive way. Older adults rationalize knowledge, as a secondary language that acquired already formed, and incorporate that learning little by little. By lo It is necessary that the person who explained to them how to use a computer or a cell phone is very patient and understand that is not them as simple to acquire this new language. There are several centres where older adults can learn to use a computer and surf the Internet. Those who have children or grandchildren patients can learn to manage new technologies at home. Knowledge must be purchased little by little and it is necessary to practice so you don’t forget what they have learned. They should not be discouraged if they do not understand something or forget items that were already explained them above, over time will lose him the fear of these devices. The willingness and the interest towards these new knowledge are essential, should not consider that because one is already more will not do understand new media that handle the younger generations. If older adults have been able to incorporate new knowledge throughout their lives why they shouldn’t do it with new technologies? It is only a matter of time and perseverance.

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