In 1937, during the Government of Legua, one began to commemorate 5 of October, like Day of the Medicine Student or Day of the Medicine , had spent 52 years of their death, time later, 7 of October of 1991, the Executive promulgated law 25342 in which National Hero declares itself to him, although some proposed to declare it Martyr, at the moment Peruvian the Civic-Scholastic calendar celebrates this day like the Day of the Heroic Action of Daniel A. Carrin Who was DANIEL A. CARRION? Daniel was a young person born in Hill of Pasco, son of an Ecuadorian Politician, who was exiled in Peru, call Balthasar Carrin and of Do6na Dolores Navarrese Garci’a lady Huancana-, his Father left and few years later it dies tragically, one grew up next to his Mother, it studied in his native earth next to Teodoro and Mario its brothers, encouraged by Do6na Dolores traveled to Lima and it studied in the Guadalupe School, when finishing its Secondary one, postulated to the University of San Marcos and entered medicine, being considered an exemplary student in its earth and constituting themselves in the hope of the familiar prosperity that as much her Mother looked for, in the University it emphasized by its dedication to the study, wanted to be Surgeon, it dreamed about its companion of studies Miguel Orihuela, to travel to Europe and to specialize, yearned for to exert in Lima and Hill of Pasco, to serve its town and to give to all type of comforts to its Mother and smaller brothers, that is to say was a Young one like all the young people, plenty of energy, I put and dreams, were Humanitarian, took care of in the positions of aid at that time, like now, Chile sacked to us, was simple, always he was surrounded by humble people and of his countrymen to those who he helped they looked for when it in Lima, he dreamed to have children, to be educational college student and to have his doctor’s office, shared in common until the heroism, as he suffered! when the Fever killed to thousand and thousand of its countrymen and friendly, (like Miguelito Orihuela), whichever impotence and indignation had to feel that decided to make this experimentation in its own body-today would be a flagman of the Bioethics, whichever pain produced its death, Its Mother, its brothers, relatives and they cried it much to countrymen, as they give to account chronicles of that one time that was Carrin! an Andean young person of meat and bone, very beloved, shared in common, helpful and very human, as much that until he gave his Life by the others. . See more detailed opinions by reading what Bobby Sharma Bluestone offers on the topic..