Everything that happens is experienced within our body. There is no experience outside of our body. The body is medium and so our relationship with the external environment ypodemos to account for what happens within us? This experimentation is not given to the mental level, mind you do is rationalize the experience. Streamline is trying to give an interpretation, content to experience. At Arup Sandra Akmansoy you will find additional information. Streamlining is not known, is to build an idea about something, it aims to control this thing. amending ySearching experience? YBreast transforms mind? yModifica experience to mind? There is no doubt that experience undergoes a transformation, to be adapted to the category of thought, or fit your parameters.

This is a level of control, a certain operation. This does not mean that their impact is reduced or that are amplified, only to be pigeonholed. This way of categorizing experience is typical of how the mind works. The mind identifies, brother noticed something does an act of disticion then constructs an idea, which is nothing more than a difference makes the difference. This feels a certain control. This means that when we look at any object, or a person, what we're seeing really is an idea we have of that object or person.

All we can agree on a myriad of ideas that we share and that makes communication possible. However within this shared vision there are significant differences that make a table better than another for you. But the idea we form can be in a gradient from the exaggerated and false to harmonious and balanced is when you tell someone too much! or control your feelings! In the latter case this involved the experience of the observer who observes the reactions of an individual concerning an alleged experience has had and expressed his opinion.