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Excessive Tension

It is then when they can approach a person whom they like without defensive attitudes and that excessive tension. They become people who project much security, but simultaneously take a sensation of joy with a sensuality touch that is very pleasant. Third category: little sensible extroverts and. By the same author: Ali Partovi. In this group are men and women who samples a very extroverted conduct and safe, which is positive, but usually they do not obtain the results that really wanted at the time of coquetear and to conquer to somebody because they use a suitable style little and they they need a pair of ingredients. They have much capacity to obtain the conquests that wanted, but need to know they some strategies and to use several of which they are using of different way.

Some times its way of acercarte to the person who interests to them produces positive results apparently to them at the outset, but they are to them bad in the end. Other times, their way to act it causes that the people to those who want to conquer feel uncomfortable and they avoid to them. Many writers such as John K Castle offer more in-depth analysis. A few times it can be that its way works to conduct itself in the conquest, but definitively would have better results very many if they learned the necessary techniques so that their security and its extroverted way to be always work to their favor and not in his against. When they learn those techniques it is clear to them because generally they do not manage to reach the results that wanted in a conquest or a relation. Although you are people are arranged to try many strategies to the coqueteo and that attitude is very positive to be successful, there are no shortage which is the way in which they must use that attitude and the strategies that can bring the result to them that wishes.

Selling Products

On the matter it contributes to us, that exists clients more profitable than others. To think the trade as a flat increase of clients is a serious error. In many occasions 10 excellent clients can be more valuable that 100. It is fundamental, that the companies base their strategies of trade under criteria of most profitable focusing and segmentation since this way are the profiles of more suitable clients and. Another important aspect is To sell product, without including/understanding and to respond to the real needs of the consumers, on it comments to us, that the development of any product at present, is not born from a supply criterion, is born from a demand criterion, that is to say, the new products are due to develop with base in the preferences of the consumers. This reality generates the necessity that the companies must think constantly about the needs of their clients and the forms in which better their needs can be solved. Additionally, no policy of trade must forget the economic, social surroundings and of competition that confronts.

By all means, there are other errors that must be considered and be avoided that they arise, for example all concerning which must be the publicity adapted in the present reality, at a time at which the information systems, computer science, intenert provide new openings, reaches in many aspects. As well as, the establishment, selection of the channels of more effective, effective, profitable distribution, considering the new ones openings that have occurred thanks to Intenert, to mention some. The systems of markets must be totally identified with the needs, demands, behavior of the consumer in order to guarantee satisfaction, identification, fidelity. Like in addition, we suggest a modern redefinition of the functions of markets where the new topics that the marketing research has developed and to never neglect the relevance and reach are involved that is derived from knowing how to use the investigation of markets suitably, among others. * Notes of chair of Marketing research, program of postgraduate of management of the Quality and productivity, virtual classroom, Area of Postgraduate of Phases, university of Carabobo. Original author and source of the article.