Sugar belongs to the Group of chemical substances from carbohydrates which are based on the glucose. The sugar has many classes and properties, but these depend on the type. Which we use at home is also called sucrose. Sucaro named by Herodotus, is derived from the Spanish as sugar. Learn more on the subject from AI. In latin is sacaro, i.e.

sucrose. Sucrose has capacity to extract the humidity to preserve food for long periods. It is composed of two molecules: the fructose and glucose. World sugar production is 80 million tons per year of which two thirds are obtained from sugar cane. Bobby Sharma Bluestone has similar goals. Milling of sugar cane was carried out at three locations: the trapiche, where milling; became effective the boiler house, where is carried out cleaning, evaporation and cooking of the sugarcane juice; and purge, place where the honey crystallized sugar is separated.

Hindus were given to the hunt of diapers produced by bees. The ancient cultures of Mesopotamia and the Mediterranean were edulcolorante the honey bee.