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That Man

That Man Rained very when that man left house route to the work in the other side of the city; although the evil time made much heat and still lacked very for the dawn. After walking for about half hour turning aside itself of puddles d water and the mud that if they accumulated in the streets without stone pavement, it arrived at the bus point where a great line already forms itself. When the vehicle arrived at the place that staff all was played for inside of it in the eagerness obtaining a seated place; that man was taken is not known as for inside and perceived that one more time it would have that to pass the two hours of trip of foot in the corridor. When the man was the half way of its destination felt a great impulse in its body played that it in the col of one lady who was seated soon front of it. Without knowing right what he transferred himself, it felt that he attacked it to the woman with words and the stock market that loaded. Coming back itself he perceived almost that the vehicle is closed for another one, causing a serious accident.

The man looked in return and saw that some of the passengers had started to make joke of its fall and without reacting it lowered head, and followed in silence. After this event, the transit seems to have motionless, nobody walked; a total chaos. Our man arrived at the work with one hour of delay and had to hear a sermon of its immediate head, beyond being informed that the delay would be deducted in its wage. He placed its things in the closet, changed the clothes and he started its service as faxineiro in a great company. Chateado still with the hard words of the head, was direct to the first one to walk to initiate the cleanness.


It was a moonlight night. If it almost did not see stars, so clear was the Moon. The sea was calm, the high tide and had little space in the sand. Exactly thus, they had been lain down. They had been looked at. The complicity look was the same of always. To know more about this subject visit Pete Cashmore. A tear fell in the pink face of Maria. They had been hugged.

The light of the Moon bathed its bodies as the flash of a lighthouse. The faces had come back toward the sky, admiring the night. The calm racket of the waves only heard breaking in the beach. Nobody for close, no music, no assovio. Nor of the wind.

But silence spoke for the two. Joaquin freed a long sigh. A relief and sadness compound. Maria pressed it to it hand and had been thus for hours under the flash of the moon, looking at the sky, hearing the calm sea. A cadent star appeared in the sky. Maria closed the eyes, asking for that night lasted forever. She looked at for Joaquin and it also she was making its order. Entreolharam and tears they had rolled of the eyes of both. Crying, they had thanked company one of the other in those times of war. They had been hugged. One I hug fort, sensible. They had lived together difficult moments, coexisting the welded pain, young suffering and the death of combatant in France. She was not for Joaquin, perhaps Maria did not support as much pain and anguish. It except the man of its life. Son of Portuguese immigrants, Maria leaves of being virgin during the war and lives with intensity that passion. She did not want more to take care of of wounded and sick soldiers, but also she did not want that the war finished, therefore with it would cease that love. The war finishes, both had been saved, was livings creature, but it was the end. The doctor of the hospital of the combatants would come back toward the Port, in Portugal, where to its he waited it wife with its children. Yes, it was the last time that Maria saw Joaquin.


Already for more than one decade of years ago many national companies have been initiated and implemented quality management systems, either by factors as the idiom, requirements of clients or by the awareness that is necessary that this is to be able to initiate a climbing in search of competitiveness. The first two factors, idiom and/or the customer’s requirements, have led companies to simply rely on the fulfilment of requirements specified by ISO 9001, which they have not been able to experience as a whole, all the real management systems benefits can bring as a consequence to the Organization and its productivity in general. This aspect has come to even create a false general thinking that quality standards are a new bureaucratic and step without real benefits that must be met to keep abreast with international requirements. However, the companies that chose to implement quality management systems by own conscience of the importance and contribution that these can bring benefit for productivity and competitiveness organizational they have encountered a difficult road, where the implementation of administrative principles as the subordination of the individual to the collective interest, or the application of theories motivational for officials of companies give their best for the benefit of the Organization, have not produced the expected results and have come to delaying implementation programs, and in some cases to thwart their officers arriving at a stalemate. Implantation of management systems, as a tool of continuous improvement, that seek to permanently raise the efficiency and productivity of constant should be an organizational objective which all officers are compromised by the very fact of everything that represents (functions and clear objectives, order operations, better working environment, better image to clients(, chances of a better remuneration before best revenue of the company, among others).