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Best Present

But sweets and all sorts of culinary delights – is really a win-win, because all the Taurus – gourmets. Gemini – passionate and unpredictable, sometimes it is difficult to please with a gift. You may want to visit Samsung to increase your knowledge. And, knowing that this woman "lives" is another, better option would be to give a present is not one big, and a couple of small ones. A wonderful gift this lady will be practical "office" thing: daily, expensive pen, mini-notebook to take notes. Hobbies can also be "encouraging", but only after collecting all things: if you present a book with sketches of embroidery, a volatile female twins until needlework can simply "hands do not reach." However, inconstancy, too, can make a "plus", giving a "sudden" little journey, full of adventure. Cancers, like all members of the signs of water, are volatile.

Therefore, gifts should be generous to a lot of small gifts and pleasant surprises. Dinner at a restaurant kill the lady – in contrast to the expensive necklace that you can cook "for dessert: light on the nature crabs do not like" heavy "to something binding gifts. Perfect present for representatives of this sign will be a trip to the lake or a waterfall, where romance is combined with naturalness. From "material" presents relevant books, music CDs, and as items of antique shops, or even a museum. Lions – impulsive, but at the same time, very sentimental. That is why the perfect gift a woman will become a lion like tickets to the premiere at the best places, and "Illustrated" album.

Internet Culture

However, in recent decades, the boundaries between these cultures is gradually erased. This is partly explained by the fact that participation in creating a culture has become much easier task than before: for example, anyone can create a homepage on the Internet and put it on my poems or drawings, thus becoming a part world cultural process. However, such manifestations of creativity, as authors of personal pages on the Internet can not with absolute certainty attributed to the popular culture, as they are filled with individual experiences of the creator, the products of mass media and popular culture radically different from the works of such authors. The cardinal difference between products of popular culture and mass media is that they are configured on formation of a particular climate (informational or emotional), as well as the most effective messages in terms of emotion. There's even lost information laden mass-media messages on forefront the emotions caused by precisely organized suggestive techniques. Create the most powerful emotion in the shortest amount of time in a format accessible to everyone – this is a popular strategy culture, aimed at creating a uniform field of emotional subjects of mass culture.

At the same stimuli is assumed the same reaction from each recipient, which can then be relayed without any changes in an almost unlimited number of times. It is necessary to refer also to the phenomenon of fashion, which is also included in the mechanisms of maintaining popular culture, shaping the space of the same clothes – clothing accessible to everyone. Thus, the line between individuals and the level of clothing, along with the information level and the level of emotional distress … and at the same time, forming a filter – high fashion and its derivatives to create a barrier between the worlds "for all" and "select". Only peace "select", in fact, a construct of the mass culture that supports the above mechanism, and the purpose of its existence – serve as the imaginary boundary of mass culture and mass society for all. Thus, it is clear that popular culture has a fairly effective mechanisms to erase borders and restoration of the imaginary, but there structures that are difficult to destroy and obezgranichivaniyu "as an example, the symbolic universe, which is an integral part of every human being (in particular, part of the mental field some people is information about the Crimea).