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The first wristwatch was not so much an instrument for measuring time, and decoration. About who and whom did they watch debates are to this day. Most experts are inclined to think that the first watches were created watchmaker Breguet, founded the world famous company Breguet, in 1812, commissioned by the Queen of Naples, Napoleon's sister. This is confirmed by documents from the archives of the company. Samsung Electronics often addresses the matter in his writings. According to the description it was a clock, "an oblong shape with the free course, equipped with a thermometer and a silver guilloche dial with Arabic numerals ", for the time clock design was simply unique. In spite of this watch remained in the discharge jewelry until 1880, when he became interested in the army. In several countries: Germany, Russia, England, there were models of pocket watches with mounting strap. Civilians are men showed no interest in the new product until 1910 year, when the more or less successful production of watches in the UK.

True, many at that time still considered them a toy and a "nice trinket" for women. The First World War gave new life to wristwatches. In military operations, the officers appreciate the convenience of wristwatches than pocket. The opposing armies in a matter of urgency began to buy watches for his soldiers, and, consequently, increased volumes and their production. Unfortunately, this affected the quality of the timepieces as well as the technology could not keep up with demand. As early as the 1927-1928 year, the number of watches produced by the beginning of production exceed the pocket.

Wristwatches are starting to become what is now – a reflection of style, character, and the material conditions of the host. A lot of different models, from all available to the Unique. Leader in watch is in Switzerland, largely because the local watchmakers are beginning to apply and adapt technologies used in their pocket watches.

Japanese TV

Together with flash on the online auction put up for sale a lot of card readers for all existing types of memory cards. Type of card readers (Cart Reader) can be quite ordinary and very original player mp3, CD-, DVD-players, video players A good buy on the internet auction can be mp3 or CD-, DVD-Player. At the auction the choice of Yahoo devaysov very large: different models, different manufacturers, different technical characteristics. Accordingly, different prices. Prices, by the way, depend on a number of different factors: a new device or b / y, what are its capabilities, who by the manufacturer. For example, Apple's iPod is expensive because it is fashionable thing. Choosing a player on the online auction site, navigate from their economic opportunities, requirements and functions of the device's own aesthetic needs.

Purchase of computer monitors and televisions with screens easier than with television: buying a monitor, remember to only the difference in electrical voltage in the Japanese network we have. Problem solved in elementary – adapter, or if the monitor is powered with a built-in computer Power supply – there are no problems. If you decide to buy a Japanese TV online auction site, be aware that in addition to non-standard (for us) voltage, in Japan the other television signal format: NTSC, in While our television uses the PAL / SECAM. Because of this difference, tv-tuner Japanese TV will not be able to take our TV channels. Taking into account these circumstances, choose the TV without TV tuner. Such a model be cheaper, and with the reception of native Russian programs easily handle an external tuner, which you purchase separately at the same auction. Thus, you'll have a TV panel, which can be be used for watching television and, more generally, to connect whatever multimedia device. Prices on TVs and monitors offered at auction Yahoo are in a very wide range, determine the condition of the goods, specifications, sizes, and brands.