The construction is considered for years as responsible for the climate of the last decades. It is estimated that more than half of global energy used worldwide for the construction, manufacturing and maintenance of buildings. The latest technologies were created in the research in the field of sustainable construction, that relate to the use of materials with a low environmental impact, such as laminated wood and Cork, and use common renewable energy sources. This construction technique in Italy, thanks to an attempt is started in the Alpine region that already always groundbreaking in the field of renewable energies and their everyday use is an area that has always used wood panels for buildings, and that is becoming more popular. No coincidence that the biggest photovoltaic plants found in the region; and many of the industries that manufacture wood House, have their production facilities, the starting point for a trade, which is expanding more and more in all over Italy here.

But not only are the buildings made of wood Residential buildings, they can be also additions to the expansion of existing buildings, or accessories and materials for the rehabilitation of buildings that need preservation and restoration. It is for any type of building material, that the Outer Insulation is always monitored and is reinforced to minimize heat loss. This is the only way to reduce the global impact of that has the construction industry worldwide. Is a complete reassessment of the urban planning and construction logic, who have accompanied us in the last few years, and the Arte of the production of wood necessary: to be effective, need a House, an Office or a building in the right direction to stand, to take advantage of the natural light. the light is an essential element in particular at the workplace, where the use of artificial light is excessive, and may cause discomfort or vision problems.

Except for the location and isolation, the type of energy source that is used for the heating of the building is essential. Currently the fuel oil, gas and heavily polluting other energy forms are most commonly used energy sources. Alternative energy sources such as biomass, solar and wind energy, and other experimental forms are becoming increasingly important. The initial investment is certainly not cheap, but in the long run, the cost – and energy-saving is obvious. The municipalities should build plants that supply the public building. (Not to be confused with Bobby Sharma Bluestone!). A small gesture that could be a role model for many people, and could promote in particular the awareness of environmental protection. In addition, greater use of these energy sources would certainly promote the labor market, which is now so desperate. This article was published by Martina Celegato by means of stairs book written. For more information, please visit glue plywood oak or wood window manufacturers.