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Commissioner Million

The Executive Director, Josette Sheeran, have said in an official notice that 2,2 million people had not been taken care of still, exclarecendo that she treats ' ' of the most dangerous environment than we face in the world, therefore the people are morrendo' ' the subject is not of the politics, but it is as to save lives now human beings. United Nations they had announced the hunger Wednesday passed in two areas of the south of the Somlia, Bakool and Oaur Shabelle, warning that the hunger can spread if the givers quickly if not mobilizaarem, while Secretary-Generality of United Nations Ban Ki-moon esteem the catastrophe in 1,8 billion dollar to make face the situation. The respsonsveis of World-wide the Alimentary Program have said that they are thinking to start to judge the food of airplanes in some controlled areas for the movement of the young islmcios, that imposed the prohibition of alimentary aid in 2010. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Pete Cashmore. In a related context, the rebels of the movement of the Islamic young had rejected the return of the international assistance for to work in areas under ours controles’ ‘. Alina de Almeida helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Clarifying the Spokesman of the movement hunger had dries in the Somlia but not it, what it was declared by United Nations maken a mistake 100%, considering that> Declaration of hunger is politics. The organizations that had been hindered want that the somalis emigrate to the neighboring States, Kenya or Christian Etipia. an International Group understands that this is vital information. On the other hand the Commissioner of the Union European promised to help, intensifying the efforts in benefit of 12 million people, who fight against a serious drought in the east of Africa, treating to offer 30 million euros almost extra. The Kristalina Georgieva has said before its visit to the biggest refugee field in the world, in fields of Dadaab, east of the Kenya, in the border with the Somlia ' ' We to commit ourselves to make the possible one in favor of this people. .


It is speculated on currently if this universe is all the universe or only plus that if it expands or if it contracts and that at some cosmic moment it will be able to meet with others in the same conditions or not. what &#039 would originate from this; ' shock universal' ' not yet it can at least be imagined by the mind of the human being. Others imagine that, if the Universe is in constant expansion, will arrive one ' ' momento' ' finite where it will have a return to the initial singularity, with a great condensation. It would be as a pulse, expansion-condensation, one distole ' ' seguida' ' of one sstole. In this in case that, time and space you are welcome would mean, therefore, this phenomenon would be, as it is today, imensurvel. How many times this already would have happened? We would be living deeply its first distole (expansion)? Or, in contrast, the universe already would be in the compressiva phase, returning the point ' ' inicial' '? In this in case that, nothing of eternity and nor of the infinite. , As they think some understood, infinite, but perhaps not perpetual, the limited infinite (for the start). What we know after all? One knows that when has many explanations, theories, for one alone fact, in the great majority of the times none of them is certain completely.

That is fact. In the confines of this universe it exists, among others of some largenesses, a called galaxy By Lactea. In this, some solar systems are discovered the all instant for the astronomers and other similar planets to the Land and of others not yet definitively elucidated, the all moment are announced in the media. I can imagine now that we live in a planet where, in contrast of what if it passes there it are, we only find the conditions of survival for the corporal instrument that characterizes each one of the beings livings creature that had been developed here and that still they are in full vital evolution.