Crowd was stunned security repellent. Max Bryan, who in early September at the pier in the port of Hamburg discovered, by accident, homeless, the Vitali Klitschko, was probably one of the most unusual guests last Saturday, when Vitali Klitschko against Shannon Briggs in the ring. The Boxer had bought him a ticket. Here, Bobby Sharma expresses very clear opinions on the subject. TNN It was Bryan BBs first visit to a boxing match, so far he knew such events only from the television. Bobby Sharma Bluestone often expresses his thoughts on the topic. During the day, a team of RTL had turned with him, in the port of Hamburg and the landungsbrucken. It went to tourists and the pejorative remarks that Max must listen to almost every day. Max lost his apartment early March and since then lives on the road, is alternately sleeping on the steps of the rote flora in Hamburg’s Schanzenviertel and at the pier in the port of Hamburg. There the people love him, at least the ones who know him.

Max is no ordinary bum. He doesn’t smoke and he drinks no alcohol, only he got permission on one of the benches there at night to sleep. Last weekend, he was invited at the boxing of Vitali Klitschko to be and when choosing the card the Klitschko management showed great sensitivity. Bryan, who can go hardly see people which has large fear of larger crowds, sat there, where nobody could sit behind him more at the top and at the back, just right”, as he himself writes in his diary report, which is available since yesterday at Facebook online. Read the detailed report of the homeless Max Bryan here: pages/max-Bryan/161102710574227 is the 34-year-old also reported his experiences on the red carpet. There and before the fight just arrived, he is distributed directly by one of the security people. Hold on please little away! “, a beefy guy appeals to him. “Bryan remains cool and replies: I can’t, I’m waiting here on my camera team”.