The management at this time must be very identified with scenarios that are becoming increasingly aggressive behavior, where the companies should be clearly identified with their plans and having a diagnosis of the behavior of economic scenarios, the environment wherein unfolds the company, to do this, should be supported in models, tools and knowledge that administrative science has been bringing in recent years. Among them is the Viable system model, which helps them to understand the requirements necessary to maintain as Morales clemency points out organizational stability, both internal and external. In turn, the ability to develop that require organizations to adapt and learn whether same are fundamental requirements to ensure its viability. It is strongly recommended not to forget, that the organizational viability depends on continuous shared understanding of employees about strategies, objectives and goals to achieve. The idea is to create cycles to be troubles to adapt to each situation of change and modeling the Organization so that you can understand in its total operation, desegregating the structure in different levels, allowing you to see the organization composed of small organizations. The Viable system model, allows you to the organization survive as system through regulatory mechanisms. Remember, as reported us the complexity of indeterminacy is absorbed along its structure.The Viable system model, represents the meta-model that describes self-organization and self-construction of any biological system, mechanical or social. When referring to this model it is necessary to go back to Stafford Beer, which is known as reminds us Walter Zegarra, was born in 1926 in London. After his initial studies in mathematics, philosophy and psychology at Whitgift School and at the University of London (University College), World War II cut short his studies to be mobilized to form part of the English army which came to be the Gurkha Company Commander and finally military psychologist with the rank of captain.