During half of the cars the price last year was 12.690 euros, according to data from AutoScout24, which means 1.1% less than in the year 2010, and joins the descent that already occurred in previous years. This is so despite the increase in sales in this sector (from 3.4%), and is mainly due to that consumers prefer increasingly older automobiles. Currently vehicles with more than 10 years old account for 44% of operations in the sector of second hand (the old medium to which sold these vehicles is 7.3 years, and its mileage average, 96000 miles.). (Not to be confused with Genetec!). Another striking fact in the sector is currently sold more than twice as many used than new cars, a proportion which represents an all-time high, and that is undoubtedly a result of the current crisis and the low expectations of short-term recovery. Sales of new vehicles are still retreating, keeping this current climate somber between manufacturers and dealers, although the impact is naturally lower among those who, as we indicated from Autolusa, working both the sale of used again. All this explains that our automotive fleet has become the oldest in Europe, having almost 44% of cars over 10 years, says Juan Antonio Sanchez, President of GANVAM, who calls for an aid plan for the renovation of this park and the reactivation of the market for the sector..