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Mallorca Sun

" 15-M has been a revulsive one stops the majority of the population, that is the one that undergoes social cuts more. Some means are interested in demonstrating that the movement is lost bellows, but I believe that a change of mentality with the mere act has taken place to encamp in spaces pblicos" , it affirms Prior (Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona, 1975). The street occupations extended by all the peninsula, something that did not make much grace to the grandfathers of the illustrator Jordi Lafebre (Barcelona, 1979). " Instead of to give my point of view, I tried to put it from the point of view of a citizen who lived another time. My grandfathers represent million Spaniards who lived more difficult times that nuestros" , the person in charge of iotes confirms. Comic strips and articles On the other hand, the Pleiad of authors jeopardize finishes extending with the launching of YES we camp! (Dibbuks), a comic strip selection and articles in which they emphasize names like Alpaca Rock, Carlos Gimnez, Eduard Punset, Federico Greater Saragossa, Santiago Garci’a, Enrique Flowers, Pere Mejan or Tomeu Pinya. The abundance of comic strips offers as interesting options as I have my doubts, but, where the Pere sketcher Joan (Palma de Mallorca, 1956) explains his " it debates interno" on 15-M.

" I hope to have reflected the state of the question, an ample debate that I have raised with an aesthetic one of encamped and an air of shack and acumulacin" , it details. Characterized by their immediacy and rvescencia, the two strips realised by Santiago cannot either be avoided Garci’a and Pepo Perez, emblems that were born 15-M in the heat of and that now recover in YES we camp! . " Santiago went to Sun in several occasions and I went to several of the manifestations in my city. We wanted to reflect what people in the assemblies said simply or what type of people went. The movement already was totally just before the things that are pasando" , it indicates Perez (Malaga, 1969). Less Sergio Bleda (Albacete, 1974) and Car it Berrocal were not implied (Madrid, 1983), who respectively visited with assiduity the encamped ones of Valencia and Madrid. First it showed to its indignation in several drawings " very viscerales" and compiled under the title Of my guts to the paper. " They are my reactions to the videos that found in YouTube, to the news that read in the press All that generates emotions that are to skin flower and for that reason my drawings are so little meditated, made very fast and with rabia" , it analyzes. On the other hand, Berrocal made an historical trip by the War of Independence, the last years of the Francoism and own 15-M, all this without leaving the Door of the Sun. " It did not want to give lessons to nobody; it seemed better to me to make a tribute which Sun has represented by itself, to count a history from its point of view, like an alive element of ciudad" , it ends. Source of the news: 15-M gives the jump cmic

Catalan Autonomous Government

The Catalan Autonomous Government gave another return of nut yesterday to the strategy to plant expensive to the Court Superior to him of Justice of Catalonia and to maintain without changes the model of linguistic immersion questioned now by that organism. The counter-offensive, orchestrated personally by the president of the Catalan Government, convergent Artur Mas, and their advisers, take shape in two fronts: the judicial one, denying to the Court Superior to him of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC) the competitions to in force demand modifications of a law in less than two months; and the politician, with the sight oriented to the needs of future Moncloa. CiU will continue counting on the PP in Catalonia, preferred partner of the Government in minority. Perhaps but the PP will not be able to count on CiU in the Congress in the next legislature, when the party led by Rajoy can require of pacts with the nationalists if it ends up overcoming the elections but without obtaining the absolute majority. Source of the news: : Catalonia rejects that a court alters his linguistic model

The Breakage

When abrir these last ones, the laminae separate of the magnet and the alarm activates. The volumetric detectors expose the presence of a person by their movement. In order to avoid false alarms, the advanced apparatuses more are able of to differentiate the movements from people and mascots. A third type of sensors warns of the breakage of crystals of a window. The alert sent by these apparatuses gathers a power station of alarms that activates sirens, calls or lights to warn of the intrusion. These switchboards work with connected batteries or to the mains.

If this power station of the system does not take it built-in, it is possible to be located near the door of you enter some elemea a keyboard of control that it activates and desactiventos of the system. These functions also can be exercised with controls at a distance codified. Installing an alarm system Before installing an alarm it is necessary to realise a detailed study from the possible accesses to the house and of the weakest points of this, where a sensor or detector of presence would be due to install. Next, the best location for the box of alarm looks for. This must be in a place where it can be seen and be heard in case of robbery by the inhabitants of the house and the neighbors of the zone.

Placed in an outer wall, it can exert a deterrent capability before a potential intruder. In order to avoid its manipulation by other people’s people, the picture must settle in a high zone of the wall. Once installed the alarm, the sensors in the chosen points are placed and its correct operation tries on. Next, the control unit of the keyboard settles. This device is due to place near the fore door so that, once it has entered the house, it is possible to be acceded to him of fast form. Finally, the picture of alarm to the electrical provision of the house is connected and a complete and exhaustive test of all the alarm system is realised. Upon forecast of possible cuts of electricity, it agrees to count on a emergencia battery. Source of the news: Alarm in house, to be able to live more calm insurances and