Degustam was created with the idea of offering a selection of national and international gourmet products. Before the growing demand for this type of products via platforms on line Degustam has opted to offer not only some products unknown in the national territory, if not that also due to the great experience that brings in the sector, advise us on how to use them and offer in the majority of cases the recipes and adequate amounts. That is why in principle have focused on more akin to condiments delicatessen products, although they also provide some water, soft drinks and selected teas and are soon scheduled increase this selection. Its main distinguishing feature are the wide variety of species that can be found, more than 20, with flavors that will transport you from the best-selling as the italian to the most distant and evocative as the indian or the East, all drawn from the same firm the consolidated although quite unknown in our country Nomu, whose origin lies in South Africa. In the same line they offer seasonings in a practical grinder glass to give the perfect touch to any type of dish, providing that taste so characteristic of haute cuisine. For cheese lovers and for those who prefer to soften its flavor with the classic Chutneys they offer the best way to enjoy this product so characteristic of the Mediterranean diet transforming it into a delicacy on the palate that we should not try. Most are of the same Nomu brand, but the Relish offered by OS!Go stands out for combining in addition to cheese with all meats, poultry, eggs or even to give an innovative touch to a simple snack. But we must not ignore the selection of crackers with flavors as diverse as the chilli, walnut or coal. They are all branded The fine cheese crackers, originating in United Kingdom and little marketed in our country but recognized worldwide for its excellent quality.