Meanwhile US $20300 million dollars was paid the financial sector in 2009 a drop compared to the 2008? On the contrary, an 18% increase compared to 2008. The average wage of Americans fell 1.4 per cent in the same year. If banking has been reassembled as quickly a crisis which catalogued it as the worst in 80 years, it was thanks to the unconditional support obtained by international States through salvage, no demand plans. The prize Nombel Joseph Stiglitz said: the Geithner plan has been extremely favorable to the banks, which have achieved that their losses were transferred to the taxpayer. A strong lobby in the United States, the banking sector that spends, rather invests about $100 million a year in parliamentary lobbies, it is not surprising. And neither mention the cosanguineidad that Goldman Sachs has with the successive Governments of USA, as functional as its executives often invest in rows Government (the former Secretary Tesor Paulson, the main adviser of Geithner, Patterson, Gansler, who heads the Commission to control derivatives). Why should then do shut up to the CEO of Goldman Sachs, Lloyd Blankfein, when he says that Goldman is there to do the work of God? Could Goldman go you worse in its activities if it didn’t that incestuous relationship with the United States Government? What is the limit of the Insider to someone acting in carnal relationship with the Government? We are well aware now that responsibilities have never been exclusive of the financial system in this crisis, but also of the Government by away the regulatory gaze and to always promote an unhealthy closeness with the financial industry. Economic cycles are created so no matter what the source, are under way.

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