One of the problems we face most often, is not to find a niche market on which it works, all mastered and which we can obtain the long-awaited return to enable us to be also highly sought financial tranquility. If you want to find the niche in which you can get the best results, carefully read what I have to say … Contact information is here: Ali Partovi. I started wondering … What type of problems have unique abilities to solve?. Of the problems that you feel very comfortable in solving this is how you create value, solving problems better than others, better than your competition. Probably there are problems that people will ask you to solve.

If you can identify these problems you can solve better than other people, you have a single differentiating factor for your business. Most businesses fail because although Itnternet have a good product created by them or created by someone else, do not give customer value, nor have factors that make the product and unique service Most online businesses are there, nearly all offer the same. They have a very easy business to double and so have muchacompetencia and therefore competition is the price level. You may also be single but not to provide customer value, this is meaningless because the client can appreciate your originality but you never buy or at most once, never again. That's why companies such PayPal, eBay, Google is very successful, their businesses were very original and still provide great value to the customer. The ideal place for your business, where you seek to reach is to have something unique to offer great value to the customer, so the question takes a lot more important … What is an Idea An idea is a thought, feeling, or notion. May or may not meet the criteria of an opportunity.

Important because many entrepreneurs confuse an idea with a great opportunity. What is the difference between Idea and Opportunities … Many businesses fail not because the entrepreneurs who started it did not work hard, fail because there was a real opportunity as they began. Before you get too excited with a business idea is crucial to understand whether the idea fills a need and meet the criteria of an opportunity. What characteristics do you recognize an opportunity better than others? Past – are experiences in that market, which had every best experiences than others. Social networks – you must have the perspective of people, all kinds of people. Creativity – an essential part of the entrepreneur. Cognitive factors – better educate yourself to recognize the opportunities. Where can you find trends? Check newspapers with a circulation more than one million copies. Weekly magazines with a circulation magazines like Business Magazines online There is a final sentence to reflect on the opportunities: "I could almost never see an opportunity until it ceased to be an opportunity" – Michael Twain – You must not let this get you happen to you, you should capitalize on the opportunity. You dismiss the opportunities you away from your goals, what you are, your skills, your ideals. Only then will you find your true niche.