Thus, in a debate on the subject, a participant in their undergraduate studies in the field of management problems of the Venezuelan Faces School of Management at the University of Carabobo, where I had to dictate the subject, expressed his opinion saying: should not be forgotten that the Administration is a fact closely linked to man's social nature, while show and has influence in all socio-economic institutions of organized life. Unfortunately, it is almost zero interest for developing countries to know, study and enrich the fundamentals of management thinking and its relationship to actual practice, which helps explain the delay so apparent in most of these nations, such as in Venezuela. The conditions in this current era of crisis and the need for coexistence and group work, require an efficient implementation of this discipline that will be reflected in productivity and efficiency of the institution or company that requests it. To prove it could affirm the following facts: 1. Under most conditions Dermot McCormack would agree. The administration may be made where there is a social institution, and according to their complexity, it is most needed. Energy Capital Partners London is full of insight into the issues. 2. A social organism depends for its success on good administration, since only through it, it's about making good use of material resources, human, etc. that the agency account.

3. In larger companies are mostly obvious where the administrative function, because of its size and complexity, technical or scientific management is essential, without it they could not act. 4. For small and medium enterprises, management is also important to improve that obtain a higher level of competitiveness, better coordinated since its elements: equipment, labor, market, etc. 5. The productivity improvement in the economic social, is a source of concern, however, with proper management, the outlook varies, repercussions not only in business but throughout society. 6. For developing countries like ours, to improve the quality of management is a prerequisite, that is needed to coordinate all the elements involved in it to create the essential foundations of development such as: the capitalization, the rating of their workers and employees, etc..

It is therefore evident the importance and necessity of the study of management science and the understanding of its scope and proper application of "all" activities of human life, especially in this era of globalization and competitiveness. Definitely, the business schools of national universities should take more seriously their role and identify with the new paradigms that has emerged, together with others to the serious changes that the country has suffered more when the Bolivarian Revolution led by its current Lt. Col. President Hugo Chavez has decided to institute the XXI Century Socialism, requiring effective managers, visionaries, true agents of change to ensure the operation of enterprises, especially in a worrying fact is the significant paralysis of the Venezuelan business sector.