Because of new technologies vacation becomes harmful rather than beneficial – to such a conclusion was reached by British scientists. Interviewing two and a half thousand managers, they found – after a holiday office workers not only feel relaxed, but have even more stress. In tried to understand the causes of radio correspondent 'Vesti FM' Inessa Alexeev. Alexeev: business and leisure – all thoughts about his job. Do not forget to check work email, and God forbid miss a call from the office. Instead of communicating with his family – communication on 'Skype' with subordinates. Such people's behavior psychologists blame modern technology – mobile communications and the Internet. Recently Viacom sought to clarify these questions. They do not give a person relax.

A typical 'set' holidayer lists the chief editor of 'Hacker' Nikita Kislitsin. Kislitsin: Phones, Smartphones, which allow you to use the mobile Internet, laptop computers, to operate more or less fully, using Hotel Wi-Fi access. Naturally, all this can distract from the rest, and many workaholics, with a laptop and access to the Internet can easily find themselves in work. Alexeev: Being 'in touch' is good, but not during the holidays, or from it can be even more tired. Educational Programs Director Institute of Social Psychology Julia Zotov warns – in particular this applies to men. Women easier. Zotov: Women are often switched to the children, and she manages to rest. The man continues to be at work, and then he takes and the beach and sun, and mountains as something distracting from the usual activities, from the usual life, and in addition also experiencing irritation.