When I started in this business of e-commerce and internet marketing for some time, holding a very large bias on how much you could get to the Internet. The truth is that over the months I realized that there are millions (millions!) Chance to make money online. A very good choice for those who want to start trading online is to make maximum use all those free tools that exist on the Internet. Particularly I’m talking about creating profits at no cost and without investing a penny. How do I? Do I need a lot of knowledge? You do not need much knowledge. It could well create a space for MSN, a Netlog, a Facebook or I find it best to me: A blog bloog. Bloog created a blog costs nothing, it’s free and only must have a Google mail account.

In minutes you can publish what they want. What I can publish to earn money? The Internet is always better to publish original content, and better content than his own experience. Suppose you are mechanical. Well … Publish articles, tips, recommendations on auto parts, engines, etc. … How do I start to earn money? This is a path that will discover in the course of time and to devote more time to his new space to develop new ideas because there are multiple ways to make money.

If you email account with Gmail I recommend as a first step to open their own AdSense for free. (AdSense is the Google advertising system that pays for clicks) With AdSense ads and created Blog you must work on two key aspects. Promotion: This should be recommended in the environment that you choose for your new blog to receive visits in quantity and quality. – & Nbsp; Development: It is essential that once believed to have its regular blog articles or content (Videos, Audios, recommendations, etc) of interest with a sustained speed. Be original (not copy and paste content from other pages, its sailors realize they are being cheated), be creative and innovative and not stay with idea that to have ads, blog and have to sit and wait for your check. You must work for that to happen quickly. Create content is really simple, sometimes when I say this to some people in the real world tell me, “But you know a lot because …” “Because, you know to write, why does not cost you …” and in reality is that to have Internet presence is to do what he pleases you more without pressure. To create good content you write little notes as it is expressed (omit regionalism), keeping clear a minimum of coherence and quality checking. You must think that is starting and soon improve. Try to write, will find it simple. Summary: In this first part I have covered some basics of how to earn serious money online. Do not despair if you do not know all the “secrets” doing this (consistently promoting a quality site you based on the same original) You can expect good monthly salaries. You Be yourself, be honest and show seriousness. Try reflect online opportunities that would like to be in the traditional world, you will see that it is possible at zero cost. Investigate and be curious to have style. Make Money on the Internet is really an art, for there we combine personal style with entrepreneurial spirit.