Third goal: To implement an information system from support to the area of Trade, of such form that can be realised detailed analyses of the situation of the clients of Argus by different variables and that they allow to define strategies to every time form more solid commercial relations between Argus and his clients. The development of strategies of relational trade becomes more and more important and valuable, needing the company a support technological type to fulfill its objectives. Fourth goal: To implement tools of analysis, easy to use and versatile, that allows to take advantage of all the information registered in system CRM SalesLogix and which they empoderen at the managemental levels to make decisions based on opportune and reliable information. The profits reached with the development of the project obey, in a high percentage to the commitment and dedication of the commercial direction of Argus in the development of the project. Within the main achieved objectives the following stand out: First goal: One equipped the commercial force with the company of an information system that operates in movable devices, as much PDAs (Electronic Agendas) like portable computers (for the managemental level). At the moment it is counted on a total of 90 users in these platforms with a system that fulfills the needs of information required by Argus for the effective development of the direct visits its clients, covering all the territory Colombian. The system operates in the modality Off-Line, that is to say it is not necessary to maintain a permanent connection to the central data base.

The synchronization of the information is realised through different mechanisms. Daily the commercial adviser realises, at least, a synchronization to update the information in the system centers and to receive updates of the information of his territory and other aspects necessary to act his as. Integration with the system ERP was developed that Argus uses, which operates perfectly.