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For a person like me, who believe that the only thing that can bring a country forward, is economic development reflected in the strengthening of companies both large and small to see today day 28 of March of the current year, in the journal 21 Peru that Ollanta Humala is in first place in the polls; fear you cause me. Aside from what I might think about my electoral preference, I have the following question: to those who have surveyed these people? And I say this, because I’m tired of asking a lot of people for whom they will vote and the majority tells me by PPK. In the morning when I was buying the newspaper, a man of more or less elderly retired (70 years approximately) of the newsstand with its journal in hand saying the following words aloud: how well; Humala first, so that meta to all thieves to jail! I wonder: do people that based on resentment with signs of impotence, jeopardize sustained development can exist of? our country? I am completely sure that if this man put it in a public position of importance, it would be the first to steal money from the State. For even more analysis, hear from Bobby Sharma Bluestone. Because it is so; those who claim, are those who would like to be in the shoes of this corrupt official, to win that bad been little money. I’m much afraid that Humala is President, because we can not be keeping grudge to persons who have companies and have been able to move forward with a business vision that has placed them in a good economic position. If I can be considered a person of ultra right, which is in favour of neoliberalism, in good time, if this brings forward a country. I don’t know much of the topic, but I think that drawing logical conclusions, the matter can be understood. I hear always, say that in places away from the capital, laying down highly profitable companies, in which the inhabitants of the place do not receive the desired benefit to achieve your expectations, there is still extreme poverty in those sites.

I want to understand the issue, trying to analyze a little bit: the companies to the settle in those places, provide employment for locals, with their respective social benefits. The natives of the place according to their capacities, occupying the positions in companies. Companies pay taxes on their profits to the State. Companies, still fulfilling all their obligations, have a high profit margin. But there is still extreme poverty in the area.

Question: do companies have to distribute wealth specifically to people in extreme poverty of the place? It is that there is a regional government, responsible to use cannon to address the extreme poverty of the locality in question not? Or is that companies have to make the role of the State? The problem (I think) is not that there are profitable companies in the zone. The problem is that there is an inefficient State. And do not think that the solution is nailing them more imposed on enterprises of their earnings because this would imply more bloat to an inefficient State. Without wanting to be alarmist, I think that in an eventual Government of Humala, and at the time, occur negative events for our nation. This could trigger a coup. But a blow of ultra right, type Pinochet in Chile. Hopefully a bit of conscience left us to choose well, and our country to continue with the course.

Crushing Technology

Crushing equipment and production craftsmanship with low cost, high efficiency, environmental protection and energy-saving have attracted the attention of the customers who also give the high praise to the manufacturers, which have been widely applied in the industry of national road construction work. The tube being built at right this minute will bring a significant influence to the development of Zhengzhou, which not only boosts the developing process and but also provides the convenience to the most of the people living in the city, the tube not only represents the rapid development of the economy of Zhengzhou, but also brings in much more economic investors and improves the development of foreign trade. Zhengzhou Hongxing is the production base manufacturing the equipment of mining machinery, large-scale construction and production line, which possesses dozens of corollary equipment and has made a significant contribution to the whole society invincible and. The performance characteristics of Hongxing equipment are high efficiency, simple installment, flexible operation, convenient installation and big environment factor. And those machines are widely used in the works of bridge and high rise buildings, which can have the extensive marketing prospect.

The crushing stone brings the shocking noise in the tradition operation, which causes terrible the imagination for the people around the jobsites, and at the moment, we can enter our crushing machine with one engine making wind which is upgrade to the people looking for it, which will not create noise in the process of production by taking one design of adding one sound-proof shield.As the professional manufacturer of complete sets of mining machinery, such as jaw crushers, Henan Hongxing is always doing the best in products and service. Rocks like granite, pebble, basalt, diabase Han high hardness and silicon content, they belongs to materials that are difficult to crush and with higher costs in current crushing process crushing. Generally speaking, basalt and diabase are hard and tough materials, and granite is hard and friable material, while pebble is high silicone content material with a relatively lower hardness. Therefore, the design of crushing process for these materials should be reasonable and suitable, in term of considering investing costs for crushing projects, costs for production line must also be considered at the same time. In current crushing process, Raw material of some clients is limestone, wastage of jaw plate in jaw crusher is especially low, it is common for a pair of jaw plate to service for a year. This is because the hardness of limestone is very low (grades 4-5), and silicon content is very low too, so, abrasive functions on wear parts of crusher is very low. The typical laminated equipment is two-stage jaw crusher collocation, or one jaw crusher and cone crusher collocation one. If clients have higher requirements on the final particle type, we can then set up a ball mill for crushing, thus formed the three crushing stages Picado. Three stages of crushing will inevitably lead to higher investment cost, but for long term running mill, the cost-reducing effect of three crushing stages is significant.