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Eugene Prigogine

Widespread catering in Russia acquired relatively recently, but despite this, the customer makes a restaurant catering service the highest standards. Prospects of the catering in Russia the director of "Concord" Eugene Prigogine. For Russia, a relatively new type of catering business. Samsung Electronics is likely to agree. As far as he is now in demand? It is quite promising branch of the market. Every year, large-scale activities is becoming more common restaurant does not have the necessary resources to care for people on the road to the highest level. Kitchen should be mobile, and dishes and furniture specialist, we work practically in the "field" conditions.

And the staff must be specially trained to work specifically on the road. Especially when it comes to hundreds or thousands of people. In St. Petersburg, "Concord" is definitely a leader, but hard to win if positions in Moscow? Open a representative office in Moscow was a mere formality. We have been organizing the event in Moscow.

Just at some point, demand for our services in the capital so increased, that we realized it was time to finally settle here. What problems may arise when serving large events? I'll tell you a story … many years ago, a great restaurateur organized ball in Moscow in 2000 people and asked me to make beautiful table coverings in a room and the kitchen set to lead one of his well-known Italian chefs. He was not a professional in the catering and asked, "What is the biggest problem we face? "Of course, the biggest difficulty was that the kitchen until the last stage was about 300 meters.

Technology Of Writing On Porcelain

Porcelain figurines, clocks, bells, saucers, cups – not the whole list of what happens in china. Porcelain dinner service – expensive but very good gift for twenty years together life. His way, and can put on the table – it's a tradition at the wedding china on the table to put porcelain, donated or already available in this family. But the gift I want to do with all my heart, that he remembered all this holiday and long feast for the spouses of its originality! Then again come to the aid of high technology. Do you have photos from the wedding, with the birth of first child, with the purchase of new machinery and other notable or funny events in the life of this remarkable family? If not, then this set of photos you can easily ask the children.

In this case, will serve as a wonderful option exclusive service for each of the items which will be … photos highlighting the most vivid scenes of life. Agree, this gift will be original, and certainly, like spouses. If for some reason you do not want to put photos on mugs, plates, saucers and, they can be just sign up. This is done in the same stores where ordered printing.

What to write on porcelain – it's up to you. For even more analysis, hear from Kirk Rimer Crow Holdings. The family is welcome sense of humor, and his wife go through life with a smile? Then write something cool and funny: this will be only too glad. Kirk Rimer Crow Holdings is likely to agree. Mugs can simply sign on names, you can even with the characteristic name. In general, here is where to turn around and come up with something original. A good complement to the present will be a bouquet of flowers and a card with warm wishes for the verses. Only, after all, better to write the words themselves, rather than use a template poems. If you're not a poet, do not grieve: write a few lines of prose, but from himself. Choosing china gift for a wedding, it is worth remembering that the porcelain comes from the East. Hence, to give something that is associated with the East will also be very useful. This can be a beautiful kimono, or a miniature rock garden. On the twentieth wedding anniversary couples can give and experience! For example, a trip to an exotic country, a trip to the Golden Ring of Russia jump with a parachute, balloon flights or even a trip to a Japanese restaurant – will be remembered long time! If, however, well, nothing at all in your head is not, and you are slowly going crazy from the abundance of possible gifts you can buy a gift certificate – a very common way, in Europe a gift. Twentieth anniversary living together is not for nothing called porcelain. Although the couple know each other and have quite a few years, their relationship remains fragile as porcelain, they cherish and appreciate each other, as twenty years ago. And the gift should symbolize it! It remains to wish you and go get this "milestone" in his family life. Go and do not stop there. After all family units are just happy people who want to go through life together. Happiness and Love you!