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Ford Explorers

In 2002 approximately 2 million remanufactured cartridges were saving more than 3 million gallons of oil. Half gallon of oil is conserved for every laser cartridge that is returned for remanufacturing. Save energy to remanufacture cartridges saves energy. It takes less energy to remanufacture a cartridge than to produce a new remanufacturing companies for all types of products each year save so much energy equivalent to that produced by five nuclear power plants. The average weight of a toner cartridge is 3.5 to 4 pounds which means that the total weight of cartridges that are discarded every year is equivalent to 67,612 Ford Explorers.

Reduce waste Most cartridges have more than three pounds of plastic. Unfortunately the plastic is not recyclable in landfills will take more than 100 years to biodegrade. Many consumers are familiar with the number of systems used to indicate the level of recycling of plastics, ranging from the most recyclable 1 to 7 the most difficult to recycle. Most of the laser toner is rated at 7 because they contain mixtures of plastic resins, it is estimated that only 5 to 10 percent of plastics are recycled in this category. Moreover, the toner waste are rarely completely separated from plastics, toner, contaminating the plastic and making the likelihood that the cartridges are recycled is very small. The best choice is the largest remanufacturing way to prevent products that can be reused will waste deposits. Although recycling has a number of laser cartridges benefits, remanufacturing is a superior choice, both economically and environmentally.

The remanufactured cartridges are particularly difficult to recycle because they are composed of different types of plastics and must be completely dismantled and sorted. In addition the cartridges are dirty with toner powder and contain parts that are not plastic. The remanufacturing allows the cartridges are cleaned, inspected and reloaded, reusing most of its original parts. For every cartridge that is remanufactured prevents more than a pound of plastic will end up in the sources of waste.

Computer Design

First and foremost, it should be interesting to those who spend most of my free time at the computer. Because human nature to desire to transform, at least at the domestic level, the reality. Say, motorists nurture and decorate their cars, making them some bells and whistles, bikers are trying to stand out suit and painted his helmet. Design direction to change the external appearance of computers has been called PC-modding, or just modding (from the English word modify – modify, translate), and the people who are engaged in this, call modderami.Vam ever wanted to do something with their hands, something beautiful and in a way unbelievable? Then moding is exactly what you're looking for. Moding is a modified standard parts of your computer (mouse, klavitarura, floppy, etc.). Read more here: Peter Asaro . The main rule of modding: do not start doing something if you can not finish it without surgery. A related site: Peter Asaro mentions similar findings. Errors modernization may cost more money, you can screw up a monitor, and then the whole computer completely. The most simple fashion – is to replace the LEDs on the keyboard, mouse, etc.

sistemnik You can also add your own, well vobschem what you want, then it will be. These modernizing do not stop there, successfully completed the work – it is an occasion to start a new project. Nobody knows where it all began. Nor did anyone know where this happened, and who did it first. We only know that it was a very, very long time ago, when the body was small and unprepossessing, and the additional fans, and even more regular places for these fans could be found only in the most expensive "" enclosures, processors are still building up the frequency, and hence their growing power dissipated heat, coolers were chasing through the radiators the same hot air as well as laws heat no one has yet canceled, so cool air processors strongly desired.

Replacing Hard Drives

To date, hard drives are the most popular devices for storing data. And there are a number of objective reasons. But lately there are more devices that use ssd (Solid State Disk) drives, and there is quite a logical question: "Will they displace hard drives?" I think you understand that the choice will make users, focusing on the characteristics of the devices and the opportunities they provide. So, let's look at pros and cons of ssd devices. Let's start with the advantages: 1) High speed. To date, there are devices, such as onyx series from the company ocz (link at end of article) that provide velocity read / write 125 and 70 Mb / s, respectively.

This is a very good performance, comparable with rates of conventional hard drives. In addition, these devices can be combined in raid arrays. 2) No moving parts. Unlike conventional hdd ssd drives have no moving parts. As a result, increased reliability and resistance to vibration. Generally, the values of congestion 1000G, which lead device manufacturers, are more theoretical character. The device can and will withstand such an overload, but what will happen to own a pc? But in any case, this is a big plus, especially for mobile devices. 3) No noise.

Also a consequence of structural peculiarities. No moving parts – no vibration, no vibration – no noise. 4) Ability to work in a wide range of temperatures. Magnetic surface of conventional hard drives is not very fond of large fluctuations in temperature. Therefore, for devices that planned to operate on the street, ssd drives will suit much better. Disadvantages: 1) High cost per 1 gb. True, she is constantly decreasing, but still, this parameter is several times higher than it is noticeable vinchesterov.Osobenno on models of large volume. The cost of the hard drive is mainly determined by the number of plates, and the cost of ssd drives is proportional to its volume. 2) Reliability. Probably not worth it to write this paragraph in the gaps. Case that the life of ssd drives is determined by the number of read / write cycles. And manufacturing companies love to manipulate these figures. In addition, massively applied ssd devices become more recently, so to speak something with 100% certainty is not yet possible. But in any case, 3-5 years of stable work provided. Prospects. ssd drives new technology and constantly evolving. So recently it was reported that the cost of devices which will appear in 2012 will be 70% below today's prices (link at end of article). All other parameters will also be improved. Naturally, these devices will make a major change in the balance of power in the market. Also, wait there are very long.

System Error

Scenario 1: When moving the printer carriage came noise or system error 86:01 (System error 86:01) appeared on the front panel. Causes of errors can be: scraps of paper or other foreign objects in the path of the carriage, cable carriage – incorrectly padded or heavily worn and soiled, worn bearings carriage, the lack of grease on the path of the carriage, dirty line (Encoder Strip), motor carriage, or station Service (Service Station). Here are the steps that will help fix the problem, or more or less accurately localize it. Important: The current printer firmware must be 4.2 or above to the new Service Station (Service Station) could correctly work. If the firmware is lower than 4.2, please download the latest available at the manufacturer's website. Open the center cover and visually check for torn pieces of paper or other objects in the way of the carriage and remove any found foreign objects (before it is desirable to remove the loaded paper even if it was loaded). Turn on the plotter, and determine whether the sound is normal for his work. Not a lot of noise – it is quite normal.

Also, normally if audible clicks when the carriage occupies the extreme right and left (goes under the lid). Unlock the carriage: Select the Set up menu on the plotter, and then press enter. Then hold down the up and enter (arrow "up" and "Input"). Scroll down the menu to the point of Service Utilities, and then press enter.

Subscription Service Computer

Outsourcing (born outsourcing) or, in other words, subscription services, namely, to delegate non-core functions of a subscriber (such as legal support, computer service, or accounting for the metallurgical Company) Foreign performers – highly skilled third-party firms, outsourcers, sub-contractors, the rejection of its own business process, such as network administration or preparation balance, and purchase of services for its execution of the parties, a specialized company. As an example, consider a more IT-outsourcing, or, in other words, a subscriber service computer and office equipment (Computer services, computer help, comes a system administrator), which can be divided into four main components: a subscription service pbx and telephony subscriber services office equipment, subscription services network, subscriber services computers. It is believed that the user's service network includes the following computer services: highly round the clock telephone consultation and e-mail sales and commissioning of network equipment, its installation, replacement, modernization, and the corresponding adjustment, installation and configuration of firewalls, anti-virus software, installing and configuring network equipment network integration and construction of telecommunications systems, access control and protection from unauthorized access, installation and dismantling, upgrading lan, scs, including wireless networks to connect to the Internet, administration and maintenance of health of the local area network, server administration, integration of geographically distributed offices single workspace; introduction of the traffic; scheduled preventive visits, unlimited number of extra emergency exits of the highly skilled, remote administration of a local network, and including the administration of servers across the Internet. Assumed that the subscriber's pbx and telephony services is to provide a subscriber of these IT-services: sales and commissioning pbx installation, configuration and programming of pbx, round the clock telephone consultation and e-mail routine preventive visits, unlimited number of extra emergency exits corresponding narrow specialists; dismantling, assembling and building telephone lines.