Implementation of the process of urban reform enters of the challenges of this first esta, by means of the implementation doPrograma of Reinforcement of the Urban Municipal Management, whose instruments foramo Statute of the city and the Managing Plan Participativo and, in> parallel to this, had been implemented the Conferences of the City and the National Politics Urban deDesenvolvimento. Other challenges are: improvements the conditions dehabitabilidade, accessibility and of urban mobility, with emphasis in qualidadede life and the environment. The actions that destrincham these challenges, according to oplano, are come back toward the attainment of information systemize on arede urban and the intra-urban characteristics that will be the base for aelaborao, execution and evaluation of the national politics of desenvolvimentourbano. All the programs related to the development urbanoforam launched in 2004, in notebooks for the Ministry of the Cities. They had been 9Cadernos with the following subjects: Energy efficiency in Habitations deInteresse Social, National Politics of Urban Development, Social Participation eControle, Urban Territorial Planning and Agrarian Politics, PolticNacional of Habitation, Ambient Sanitation, National Politics of MobilidadeUrbana Sustainable, Transit Question of Citizenship, Capacitao and Informao.Estes Notebooks already hugged in its content others public politics voltadaspara the urban development brought by the Conferences of the Cidadesrealizadas in 2003. The subjects of Notebooks had been also argued in National umSeminrio in 2004, on the National Politics of DesenvolvimentoUrbano, carried through in Baslia with the presence of all team doMinistrio technique. This seminary was the chance that I had to see really emnvel federal as if they gave to the quarrels and the real opening for the debate esugestes that were incorporated there in messas to the final text. The wealth that seabre with the proportionate chance for the open and qualified interchange deexperincias and experiences of the society, the institutions and the managers pblicosfoi really a new experience for who acts in the planning and had idealized essasprticas as theory.