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France Nature

The French school is only born when France is defeated by Germany in the war in 1870, French geography in turn, keeps a imperialista model of German geography, however German geography if it supported in the kantiano idealismo, as Humboldt if they differentiated in the reference scale, Humboldt was total totalizante and regional Ritter therefore, geography that we today have in our schools and university, is geography for them systemize. The strategists of the war of the Vietnam, had been the geopolitical ones, however she is possible to affirm that geography came if becoming one sets needs control d and space, Yes Lacoste affirms that _ geography more serves before nothing pra to make the war. The fight that if had in the decade of 70 of the socialism and the democracy, comes of the combination of the crisis of the capitalism, resulting in the desistalinizao of the composition of the world-wide politics. Pierre George was the responsible one for the loss of the natural division of the continents, therefore the world finishes for if to divide in two systems, the capitalist and the socialist one, geography if includes in the countries, depending on the organization of its economic system. The development in the formation of the geographic thought if makes necessary, from the moment where the man if makes use to want if for the one along with the beddings and of the structure of the same one. Pestalozzi affirmed that geography was better understood when to the one contact of interaction with the exterior world, it privileged the nature to have one better resource of learning. With the mercantilizao of the merchandises, the capitalism has force enough to become enlarged itself of form that its subsistence was guaranteed for the nature, all this process alone showed that if it could affirm that as much the man and the capital, more early or later would enter and contradiction with the nature. It is the work that establishes the man the nature and it demarcates at the same time them, therefore the man is the only being, that if reproduces conscientiously; the work processes if modernize and with this to an accumulation in the space, example of this is verticalizao of the cities, with this the dispute of classrooms is present constantly. Investor understands that this is vital information. Geography therefore, is a measure for the improvement and good of all, only depends on the men make who it they use that it of a correct form to reorganize spaces, to explore places, and to expand its knowledge on the same one.

The Evaporation

Finally, still variation in relation to the regimen of precipitations inside of the diurne scale exists, that is, during the day the variations occur due to the effect of the difference of heating of the surfaces eliminate and terrestrial, mainly in the interior of the continent and the regions of open or next sea to the coast, thus, the precipitation regimen diurne of the continental or interior type and the maritime or littoral type meet. In the continental or interior type, rains occur with priority during the end of the morning or the afternoon, where the thermal saturation of the surface arrives the extreme conditions, making with that air if becomes lighter, thus suffering the adiabtica expansion, forming clouds of convective origin, as well as, convective precipitations. In the maritime or littoral type the precipitations reach more significant occurrence during the night and in the first hours of the morning, this occurs according to Nieuwolt apud Ayoade (1986, p.170) ' ' for some type of nocturnal convection, that results in the increase … of thermal variation to the measure that the superior troposphere is cooled by the losses for radiation from the top of nuvens' '. Finally, the hidrolgico cycle is a systematic mechanism of the planet to keep its conditions general bioptics in constant balance, for this has a cyclical interaction between the solar radiation, the lithospere, the hidrosfera, the biosfera and mainly the atmosphere. The hidrolgico cycle, therefore, encloses and interacts direct and indirectly with all the terrestrial subsystems, in the evaporation interact with the hidrosfera, in the evapotranspirao interact directly with the biosfera, that automatically are integrated the lithospere that is determinative in the effect of the continentalidade, and, therefore, in the sazonal and diurne variation of precipitation, beyond the superficial draining and of the process of infiltration occurred after the precipitation events, with atmosphere interact in such a way through the cloud formation that will give to origin precipitations, carrying through, the closing of the hidrolgico cycle.