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Beta Discount

It is under development by the hand of the company Masize Corp, a new site web for Argentina of group purchase. As described in the note, the site will have a system automatic suggestion of products and vote on them, so to be able to determine the preference of the users and to realize the process of searching for the discount. Once you have a considerable amount of people interested in purchasing a product, discount group Staff would request quotes for companies and get a considerable discount at wholesale price. Seems that at the moment is encargarian of distributing electronic products and entertainment, such as the Playstation 3 slim. Hear other arguments on the topic with Bobby Sharma Bluestone. And other simple and popular products as USB flash drives, external drives and GPS equipment. There will be also with a system of promotional recruitment that will reward users for the recommendation of the site.

In the paid approximately $10 (Argentine pesos) for each guest, and consuming person of any of the promotions published at the time. This would give him a support, not only to the site, but that customers, by that right through this way will fill up the quota for consumers and is will get the product faster. The release date is not yet confirmed, but it is estimated that in about 6 weeks (15 October), will launch the Beta version of the site. You can enter the site and observe that you have a nice design, and are working with the video presentation and explanation of the service on the main page of the same. They can test site you entering group discounts from this link. Take into account that it is still in development. Original author and source of the article

Internet Service

In this newsletter shall deal in simple words, the question of many Internet users on e-commerce: can I have success if I make a website to sell products or services? I know that if you can, since I have four (4) years doing it, and I want to share my knowledge and mistakes with beginners, because we will have a Hispanic network more nourished, more dynamic. This topic we will develop with three major points: 1. that I can sell on the Internet? 2. What are the advantages or disadvantages of a seller website? 3. What are the steps required to assemble a web site seller? At the end of the reading, you will know the main aspects of e-commerce and which is the strategy so you can have your web site vendor. Let’s 1.-that can be sold over the Internet? In 1995, Internet users worldwide were 26 million, which for 2005 reached 1 billion Internet users, which indicates that one of every six people on the world’s population, have access to the network. Technically the Internet has 36 years of age, but its popularization and overcrowding has occurred during the last decade.

According to Morgan Stanley, the network will add another billion users in the next ten years. Gary Chapman, director of the 21st Century Project, estimated that by the plans of digital literacy of the UN and projects such as the One Laptop Per Child (one laptop per child), promoted by the Institute of technology of Massachusetts and Nicholas Negroponte for the third world, in 2015 will be 3,000 Internet users million approximately. By March 31 of this year (2009), are reported 1.596.270.108 Internet users worldwide, according to. Geographically, Latin America has 173.619.140 users Internet users, with an 18% penetration rate and also the Spanish language is the third on the list, preceded by English and Chinese.