Without doubt, the most common distance, one of the subjects that worry to the people more are the tarot of the love. Often it would seem that the true love is something external to one same one, as if an outer force or some return of the destiny had interference on which he is fura of our control. In fact, to find the love is in each of us. The love is an inner process, is for that reason that a successful and happy relation begins in one same one. The best relations are those in which both members know exactly who are.

When one develops a great one brings back to consciousness of being, their relations tend to be rewarding and flourishing. With knowledge of one same one, one is more able to express clearly its feelings and to establish limits appropriately. One can recognize the own needs and those of the other. And what is more important, for that is unmarried, is possible to recognize the characteristics of an even potential, and to establish if it can work or no. When a person consults the tarot of the love, the majority of the viewer tarotistas and tends to concentrate itself directly in the present energy of the loving life of that individual. They fail generally at the time of recognizing the influence of our own system of beliefs or our landlords of behavior. During a reading of tarot on love, he is recommendable that we ask to him to the psychic one that it explores our own level of personal development and analyzes how can influence our loving life.

A good tarotista will be able to do it without problems. On the other hand, the questions during the distance of tarot of the love would have to avoid to be precise. Instead of to ask what, how, where, when, we would have to try to explore those areas that are blocking our capacity to find the love. Some of those questions could be: Which areas would have to develop to find the love? , What is what it prevents to find the love me? , What is what I need to know of same me to be able to find a pair? , What landlords of behavior are influencing my loving life? , Which are my beliefs about the love? , What areas of my personality I must change? , What I need to make to give me to the love? The tarot of the love is a tool to obtain the personal growth, and is within reach of whatever it wishes to explore his inner being. It incredibly constitutes an effective method at the time of submerging in the deep layers of our personality and discovering how they affect our relations.